Geometry and Spanish Final Exam today

Today, I had my Geometry and Spanish final exam today. At school, we are taking our final exams for 1st period (Geometry for me) and 5th period (Spanish for me). The geometry exam was actually surprisingly easy. 50 questions, all multiple choice, no scantron. Usually, we would figure out the problems, and write down the answer, with no choices. At least with multiple choice, you can be more sure of your answer. I finished real quick, and everybody soon finished, and we got to play her games, that we didn’t even knew she had. I solved a 35-piece puzzle, walked around observing other people, and talked to my friend Elizabeth. It was great. Then I had 2nd period (English) and we were watching more of Great Expectations, which in my view, is a good movie, but I wasn’t so interested in it. Then I went to 3rd period (Foundations of Personal Fitness – FPF) and we did nothing, as usual. I just listened to my Zune, and drew some pictures. Then we went to 4th period, where I finally decided to take the test, even though I’m exempting it, and picked up a packet. I worked on a page, and watched a little of "Christmas with the Kranks". Then the movie ended, and we just sat around and talked. I snooped through people’s stuff (just to make sure nobody was hiding drugs or anything) when I found that a boy had a Nazi symbol, and a picture of a gun in his binder. His name is Steven Grant, who’s a big, muscular guy, and it just plain jocky, you can say in a good way. He’s blonde, and I think he has blue eyes, but I’m not sure. I never thought of him as a Nazi until now, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I misinterpreted what was in his binder. That’s basically all we did in Biology. Then came lunch, and I only had a small bag of chips and Brisk. Then came my 5th period exam. Usually, Spanish tests are so easy for me. In fact, the least I can pass is a 42 and still have an A for my semester grade. But this one was darn hard. There were 200 questions, which required 2 Scantron sheets. 30 of them were listening comphrehension questions. I did very awful on those. I think I missed some of them, because I lost track somewhere, and tried to catch up when they were repeated. The other parts were ok, and I think I did pretty fair on those. I finished, and drew a little, and soon the bell rang. Today, and basically all of our test days, is going to be rainy. So I got soaked a bit when I got home. That’s pretty much all there was today.

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