FPF exam and Geography exam go so easy!

I had my FPF exam and my Geography exam today. Today’s test exams are from 3rd and 6th period. The FPF exam was so easy. It was as simple as pie. It was exactly the same thing on my review sheet, all 50 questions. I did miss 3 though, on a matching and T/F one. So I at least know I have a 94. We won’t get our grades back until whenever. Soon, everybody finished, and we went to the gym to just play. I played a little, and decided to go to the locker rooms for a break. At first I thought nobody was there. I went around a bit making sure nobody was there, when I opened the door to the Junior Varsity locker room. It’s a seperate room just for them, and it’s usually locked. I was surprised at 1st, but then realized in that dim darkness, there were 2 guys napping on some benches. (they weren’t having sex or anything, just napping on 2 seperate benches) I said, "Oh, sorry." and left real quick. But then I wondered if they were really JV’s, or merely kids who were skipping, or waiting for the next exam. So I went around the whole locker room some more and pondered. Well, if the door is usually locked, and they managed to get in, they must be the real deal. So I went back to the gym, and checked my backpack to make sure nobody stole anything. I went to the locker room just before the bell rang, and out of the JV room, came a staunt, athletic boy coming out, so I knew he was real. Also, during my investigation of the other varsity locker room, I found a gift for somebody named Kenh(or something like that with 4 letters) from a girl named Sasha. It was a Hollister shirt, in a Hollister bag & box, along with some earings. My 1st thought was, who would be so stupid to leave this lying out in an open locker?, Wnd thought, How did a girl get in the boy’s locker room? (the whole locker complex is usually locked) and 3rd, What should I do with it? For all I know, somebody very unscrupulus could steal it, and never return it. I didn’t want that to  happen, so I took it (and wore it) out of the place. I got some advice from friends to leave it in the lost and found, but we didn’t know where it was. So I decided to look for the 2 lovers. So far, nobody knows them. That made me feel guilty for taking it out. I’ll try to work on finding the 2, or I’ll keep it. Maybe, if Kenh hasn’t looked already, I could drop a few bucks in the box, rather than leaving a more expensive shirt right out. At least he’ll get something. Maybe I’ll leave a note that if he wants his shirt, he could meet me at a particular location, and can describe the shirt to me, if Sasha told him what it looked like. That way I’ll know for sure if it’s his. But I do like the shirt. It has a nice feel on the skin, although I did get some flaky skin from where the shirt sleeves were. I usually don’t stop at teen trend stores like A&F, American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, or whatever, because I’m usually nervous of going in those stores, because I don’t feel like I belong in that store. Like a hobo in a fancy dept. store. So I’ll work on getting it back. Then there was 2nd period, and 4th. 4th was kind of bad, where I had the incendent. So then was lucnh, I took my Geography exam next, and it was real long with 200 questions, and a bit difficult matching countries. Otherwise than that, I think I did well. Tomorrow will be 2nd and 4th period exams, and then the holidays!

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