Steven Grant is not a Neo-Nazi!

– Steven if you’re reading this, then I’m sorry.
Yesterday, I was walking around and accidentally knocked down Steven’s bag on the floor. The binder fell out, so I quickly picked it up, and some papers fell. I was putting them back into the binder, when I saw a Nazi symbol, and a gun pic. on a piece of paper. I quickly placed it back into his binder, and dropped it into his bag, without a second look. I was scared he would kill me if I knew his secret, so I dropped it in real quik before he might see me. Then I started telling one person something, and a few others, and before you know it, rumors spread like wildfire here at Jersey Village High School. I thought since Steven had blonde hair, and I think, blue eyes, he might be a Neo-Nazi (-a person who is in part of the next generation of Nazis, encouraged by a former Nazi) and I assumed he was becoming one. I warned a few people to be wary and careful around him, because he might not be the person who they thought he was. Then the next day, by 4th period, Steven heard from somebody that I said that, and I knew he was going to talk about that. I though he was going to kill me, or give me an early warning that he will get me. So I tried to hide away, and pretend I was busy (today is an exam day, and we don’t take an exam in that class today, so it’s free time). I admit that’s kind of being chickened, but I was panicing. So then I did another stupid thing, and go look at Steven’s binder again, to confirm that he was a Nazi or not. I was stupid not to ask him, so I snuck it away, while he was getting some massages from Laura. So I quickly scanned for that paper, and I saw it again, along with notes on the left. It turns out they were just WWII notes, with some pictures along the side. Whoops. I put it back in, and returned it to his desk, just as he saw me. I knew the jig was up, so I went up to him, and we talked. He told me what they really were, and again I was stupid to just only say, "Oh. Sorry." and walk away. I’ll try to find him tomorrow and explain the whole truth about what happened  so he wouldn’t think I was some sneaky person, snooping in his stuff. Merely, I was (thinking) trying to save the world. Steven is a really great guy, and I’m sorry for ever throwing suspicions on him. I kind of do that sometimes. I learned that you can’t assume thing, and tell everybody rumors, without confirming the facts. I should have just gone up to Steven Grant, and talk about what I saw. Now I feel so guilty. All day, I told everybody that I was wrong about him being a Nazi. Now I learned my lesson.

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