I went to the Galleria Houston today

Today, I was going to go to the library, but the Houston Public Library, and the Harris County public library systems were closed today. So my dad took my brothers and me to the Galleria. If you didn’t know, the Galleria is like the biggest and coolest shopping area of Houston. It’s gigantic and includes 4 stories of shopping + eating, an ice skating rink, and I think, even a movie theater. There are also tons of skyscrapers around there. It’s considered to be the 2nd downtown of Houston, with shopping included. And many of the main streets are beautiful. The main streets have awesome landscaping, and neat sculputures on them. There are long narrow silver arches, that stretch across streets, marble-like spheres on corners, or crossing ways, and circular silver shiny circles, that have lighted street names, suspended over intersections. They even did a remodeling of the freeway near the Galleria, I-10, and it looks better than ever. Instead of ugly, rough, pebble-stoned slabs of concrete, it looks kind of stucco-ish, and better without the little stones, and included more lanes, repainted road symbols, and the signs are even brighter to see. I would so love to live in a condo near the galleria. It would be so great, just to walk to the mall. Every year, the buildings have Christmas lights displayed on them, so the Galleria looks cool even at night. Anyways, we drove to the Galleria. My dad found a parking place, where you had to pay. We went in, and splitted up, and I took my brother Alan along. We went around a bit, and checked out Borders. The last time we went to the Galleria(with my mom instead), on Dec. 6(my b-day), I remembered that they were renovating or something in that corner of the mall. Now it turns out it was a Borders store. I’ve never been to Borders before, but I always knew they sold books, music, and stuff, like Barnes & Noble. I was amazed by the store. The color decor was a red-yellow-green kind of vibe, like an apple color like thing, with nice looking signs, and symbols to help you. At first I didn’t find any of the young adult books I usually read. I then discovered the staircase (which was sticking right out in the middle of the place), and went up to see the books that everyone reads. I looked at my favorites, and I got a surprise!I found some Nancy Drew books I haven’t read before. (Now I know Nancy Drew is directed to girls, but I love mystery books, inc. Hardy Boys, but Nancy Drew is a good series too, and I play the PC games all the time) The thing is, that bookstores usually have the orignal old-fashioned Nancy Drew books, or the latest, first-person Nancy Drew books. Those books are great and all, but I’ve already read them. The ones I haven’t read are between those times (mainly during the 1980’s – early 2000’s). They are so hard to find in real life, that you have to go online to get them. I bought a book on Amazon before, and got a really old, kind of worn book back. I wasn’t too disappointed, since I could still read it and all, but the cost is higher, if you include the shipping cost, and you have to wait a while, and have a credit card, and hope the book is in good condition. Too much worries to buy online. So I bought 4 at Borders, and didn’t buy like 3 other ones I wanted. I had to get my dad to get some cash out, and told him I would pay him 1/2 back. So I walked around the mall, holding my books, and listening to my Zune. Actually, the main reason I wanted to go, was to see if there were other Zune people out there. So I could Zune songs to them. The whole day went without another Zuner 😦  I really wished there was, but no dice. At least some people did stare at my Zune a bit, (mainly because I liked to show off) and at least that got them thinking of getting one. Zunes are really cool, you have to try one, if you want to get away from the negative aspects you may have heard of them. Anyways, I went to a Hollister store to see what they had. Nothing much. Then I went to an Abercrombie stores. Nothing much. All the clothes really looked boring, and just didn’t feel right on me. Especially when they are ridiculously high priced. But I finally decided on buying an Abercrombie shirt. I yet again needed cash so I reached for my cell phone to call my dad, but there was no cell phone. I put it in my jacket, which I gave to my brother, who saw my dad before I went looking for clothes, and wanted to go to dad instead. So I had to look for them. It took like an hour, before I discovered them in the food court, eating at McDonalds. I hate asking my dad for cash, but I asked him, and he gave me some, and I got my cell phone. Then I bought the shirt, and walked around some more. I looked at Sony Style, though there was nothing much. They didn’t even show off their PS3 there, or sell any for that matter, but I don’t care, since I have a 360 already. I passed by the Abercrombie & Fitch store, and like all of their main city stores, they have a guy with no shirt standing near their entrance. Usually the ones I see aren’t that good looking, but today’s was ok. I really don’t take much notice since I’m kinda blind. I never feel comfortable going in those stores, or any trendy stores like A&F, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hollister, or whatever. I usually feel like I’m out of the loop, and just don’t feel like I look good in their clothes. In fact, I only have 1 American Eagle shirt, 1 Hollister shirt ( I found in the locker room)and now, 1 Abercrombie shirt. The rest of the clothes I wear to school are ok, in my mind. I just wish I could feel comfortable with my looks to get more. It’s not that I’m poor, more that I’m insecure. So, I bought it, walked around some more, then we went home. There’s some more, but I won’t go into it much. Anyways, it was fun, great, and felt good to go out for once. I even saw the lights at around 5 before we left. It was beautiful. It wasn’t even really cold out, nor rainy. Great Saturday.

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