Nokia’s New Year’s Eve! A bash to remember!

Nokia is having this cool New Year’s Eve event across 4 different continents for music lovers around the world. Starting from east to west, Nokia will give the New Year bash of the decade that everybody will enjoy. Nokia will sponsor the events, and even include famous singers. These cities are:
  • Hong Kong (Harbour City Ocean Terminal) – Atomic Kitten, Hacken Lee & others 
  • Mumbai (Andheri Stadium) – Nelly Furtado, A.R. Rahman, and others
  • Berlin (Brandenburg Gate) – Scissor Sisters and others
  • Rio de Janeiro (Ipanema Beach) – John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Sergio Mendes and others
  • New York City (Times Square) – Unaviable, right now. They’ll post it soon later.

Visit the very cool awesome site : They have a cool disco beat music playing throughout, and a big New Year’s countdown clock, so you can see it the whole time you are there. It’s also partnering up with MSN to deliver this content, so you’ll see some heavy intergration there, which is awesome. Like, links so you can blog it to your Windows Live Space, link to IM to somebody on your Windows Live Messenger about this, maps to show you where each event is taking place via Windows Live Maps, add to favorites via Windows Live Favorites, and get alerts via Windows Live Alerts. The heavy partnership is so cool. It just makes doing stuff on Windows Live so much more fun.


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