Christmas Eve – A beautiful night

It’s Christmas night, and it’s wonderful. I love Christmas time every year. It’s so magical, beautiful, and peaceful. Nothing really much happened today. I just played Nancy Drew:Capu Cave, read one of my new Nancy Drew books, "Treasure in the Royal Tower", and played some more Sim City 4. And learned how to work the washer and dryer. One of my aunts came over, and gave us our presents, including a belated birthday present for me, which I appreciate so much. I opened my birthday present, since it’s already been past my birthday of course. I got a brain bender puzzle, $20, and some purple & red wrapped candies. I love them a whole lot. The aunt who gave me this is usually one of the best present givers there are. I also went to the Christmas Gala at Jersey Village High School, but I’ll place that in my next post. Actually I’m still there, writing on my tablet PC. It’s so fun here. I wish whoever is reading this could be there right now. It’s just so beautiful. Unfortunately, I yet again managed to give my camera to my friend, so I can’t post you any pics. Anyways, have a great Christmas if you’re reading this.

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