Christmas Gala – JVHS Christmas Gala rocks!

I’m here at Jersey Village High School, at the Christmas Gala, writing on my Tablet PC. I decided to take a breather from dancing, and catch up on this blog. So far, this entire gala has been a sucess. The food was great. I stuffed myself with lots of chicken, and turkey. I loved the potato dishes. The mashed potatos were excellent, the scalloped potatos awesome, and the potato latkes were yummy. The chicken salad was ok. The wine was fine, not bad or too good. I think there was something weird with the peas though, they tasted kinda different than usual, or maybe it was the atmosphere. The desserts were just as scrumptious. The blackberry pie tasted perfect. I never had blackberry pie before, but man did it taste so good. The jell-o was same-old, but it did taste good with Cool Whip, something I’ve never tried before. Whoever made the cookies ought to deserve a gold medal for them. They were just so good, and pretty, that I just don’t know how to explain. The 7 layered triple chocolate cake was the bomb! It had so much gooey fudge, and a rich chocolate taste in it. Usually I would avoid that kind of stuff, but it looked so good (and tasted good 🙂 ). There was a whole lot of deserts and food, that I can’t even remember them all. But they did taste so great. They served some martini, caviar, and those kind of fancy foods, but only for the staff members. The music was wonderful, I knew they were good, but not this good. The lights around the school were sensational. I would have never thought our school could sparkle more than it already did. I went into the Horticultural Gardens, just to breathe some night air in, and brrr was it cold. 47 degrees according to my watch. It was like a magical moment though. The glowing lanters, swaying by the breeze. The sound of romantic couples talking amongst themselves, and maybe a little lip-to-lip action. The beautiful flowers (this is Houston, where winters are so mild) looked pretty casted under the glow of the lanters and lights. The soft sounds of the orchestra in the cafetorium not so far away. The sound and lights of the Sam Houston Tollway a distance away. I wish I had a video camera to take this moment. I didn’t even have a picture camera, since my friend John borrowed it. There was something else that took place in the gardens. I don’t know if I should tell you this. Nah, I won’t. Sorry. Maybe another time. Anyways my little event happened, and it’s probaly has changed me forever. So then I went back inside with a friend, and we just drank some hot chocolate and chatted with some friends. So after a while, we went off our seperate ways, and I decided to take a look around the Christmas dazzle. You can see wreaths of holly and wreaths all displayed with cheer and care. You can see tons of ribbons, and ornate decorations everywhere. Even the ads displayed in their black frames are seasoned with Christmas (of course!). It just looks so homey. I know it sound weird to refer to school as homey, especially our school with it’s glass, metal and concrete decor, but it just looks so homey right now. I just wish I had a pic to show you. So now I’m outside. The carolers (Jersey Village choir) are singing Christmas songs loud, and very well I must add. 2 giant nutcrackers guard the doors. The edges of the building are strung with lights, as so are the mid-rise apartments surrouding the campus. The gigantic video screen (at JV, we refer it as the JV screen) for once, has just simple holiday messages, with short videos of carolers, happy teens showing how they’re spending their holidays, and greetings. Not school announcements, droning JV reporters, and ads from our sponsors and advertisers. Just pure bliss. The giant sculptures glow bright, including a 5 foot menorah, a 5 ft. Kwanza stand, a 10ft long Dragon, and a 10ft. tall Christmas tree, with all of them out of their proportions. Did I tell you about the Christmas tree inside? It’s humongous. 15ft. tall I think, all branches adorned with fancy ornaments and glittery tinsel. All cast away from teens’ hands of course. The fountains right now, are bubbling with a nice soothing sound (as usual), and these memories are just so precious. Anyways, tonights a beautiful night at Jersey Village High School, and of all Houston. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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