What I got for Christmas!

Here is a list of things I got for Christmas:
  • A Diner Dash game (1st one) – my personal favorite, and my aunt Nicole might also buy the other 2 later
  • A blue/white horizontal sweater from Gap – also from aunt Nicole, I like it, but I don’t know if it’s the right size
  • A 1/2 pound Hershey Bar – I ate some, although I did share with some other family members, from a different Aunt
  • A MENSA puzzle book – just full of mind puzzles that are hard, from the same 2nd aunt
  • some candies, a deck of Mickey mouse Christmas cards, and $20, from the same 2nd aunt
  • a white jacket from American Eagle – I was kind of dissapointed in this one, the color was TOO white, the AE logo, and the background were the same color white, so you barely see the logo
  • $20 & a card – from a 3rd aunt
  • i already got some previous gifts from my parents, to compensate for Christmas

That’s about all I can remember. If there was more, I just plain forgot. Anyways, I appreciated my presents, and loved them. I’m pretty satisfied this year, not oversatisfied, or undersatisfied, but just plain satisfied, ok. I did want some Zune points, to buy some more songs, and maybe more Diner Dash games, and Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys books, but I got some good stuff. Maybe next year will be even better.



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