It’s New Year’s Eve!

2006 has been an ok year for me. Nothing too great or too bad. I just wish my high school status can be better though. I was so better in 8th grade. Now this year is a sucker year. Just because I didn’t join in any clubs, I’m out of the loop. Just one year for a break, after all those club meetings, and practices, I’m a dead-beat. Next year will be so much better. I might join track again this year, if I’m worth it enough. It doesn’t help that I’m so awful at football, even though I’m a big fanatic. I just wish that I could be perfect like everyone else at my school. That might be one of my New Year Resolutions. I’ll also try to look better (in appearance) and try not to be camera shy. I’ll also work on my skiing a bit better, even though I know I can work on sticking the landing a bit better. I love skiing. When I’m out of Houston that is. I’ll work on getting more people to like me even more. I want to know everybody there is to know at school, so I can be great friends with them. In high school, it’s important to have friends, or you die. I’ll work on doing things faster, and not procrastinate. I need a whole lot of improvements, but those are my main goals to:
  1. Look more hotter and better (in appearance)
  2. Work on my football and skiing skills
  3. eat some more (I’m really lean)
  4. Work out more
  5. Work on not procrastinating
  6. Be able to help others more better

Those are my basic resolutions. There’s also a New Year’s Bash at Jersey Village High School, but I’m gonna stay home tonight. I don’t feel like going. There’s gonna be fireworks (they will sell some there too), they will also sell sodas 50 cents each, hot dogs for $1.25, and small bags of chips for 60 cents each. Indoor restrooms will be opened, everything else will take place outside. You can also bring your own food if you want to. Just hang there to watch fireworks and chat. They also will launch their own fireworks off the roof, and I heard it’s suppose to be real spectacular. I hope everybody has a great New Year’s!


One response to “It’s New Year’s Eve!

  1. Happy New Year Mike!!!
    I read through your New Years\’ resolutions and whew! thats a lot of goals for just 12 months! Over the years I\’ve found that my best luck with resolutions is that I make one or two really important ones and then work towards them. As I work towards them, I often end up improving in areas I hadnt even planned to!
    Cut yourself some slack! Find something that you truly enjoy and it will naturally draw likeminded people to you, then you\’ll be able to enjoy yourself with your new friends.

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