First post of 2007!

Now I know I’m a day late, but writing blog posts every day just isn’t fun. I have a life too you know. Anyways, this is my first blog post of 2007. It feels great to start a new year with new hopes. I hope nothing will spoil this year too much. It’s been great so far. It’s also been 2 days so far. Yesterday, I went to a Waldenbooks and bought 4 new Hardy Boys books, and got 1 free. I’ve already read 1, and am working on another. I also ate 2 corn dogs, 1 large bag of onion rings, and a purple slurpee. It was delicious. But seriously unhealthy. Today, I’m just going to work on some more things. I go back to school on the 4th, or Thursday. I did stay up until midnight, and there wasn’t too much excitement since I had no poppers or toys to celebrate. That’s all that’s really happened. I’ll try to update as soon as I can.

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