Yesterday was the worst day of the year so far.

I got my schedule changed. The 2nd time this year so far. The first time, it was because I had 2 1/2 semester classes, so this semester, I go a new class. That was expected. But yesterday’s change was unexpected. I walked into 2nd period English, happy and all. Then Mrs. Pruitt comes and gives me a slip, and says that I have her 6th period now. I looked at it shocked. I had a new world geography teacher, at this period. I did not feel happy. As I was going, I heard Tyler say something too, and it turned out he was talking about his new schedule too, which I found from a friend later. So I went in the halls searching for my class. I had to dig through my map, and find it. I found it, gave the teacher my schedule, and she let me sit in a seat not so far from the door and the board, which is ok. I knew a couple of kids there, but most were strangers and weirdos. And it’s so cramped in there. A desk is as close as within a foot of you. The teacher, Mrs. Lane is ok, I guess. Some kids think she’s weird, but nice. I don’t mind, but I miss my old geography glass. Mrs. McNeil is the most funnest teacher I had so far here. It’s the only class I looked forwards to everyday. I love geography, and visiting places. Since I’ve gone to many places, I have some firsthand knowledge of what we talk about. It also has some of the best classmates I’ve got. It’s so diversified. I like this guy, Max Vasquez because he’s so nice, is in ROTC, and even has a Zune. Then there’s Stephanie Claibourne. She’s in orchestra, and she’s so logical, but not in a nerdy way. There was Garett Graham, who’s the quarterback, but I think he switched different periods or something. There’s also Missy Tarvez. She plays basketball, is in student council, and is just cool. There’s also the other people that just make this class cool. And sometimes, when we are working on something simple, but time-taking, I usually finish up first, and try to help the other people, which makes me feel more better. It makes me feel better that I have something that they don’t have, knowledge. I know it sounds so snobby, but you have to take what you got. Anyways, they get an answer, I get glory. I don’t just give out answers either, I HELP them, NOT CHEAT. I just still wished I was there. I doubt that anybody cares though. I even liked my 2nd period English more than my 6th period English. More of my friends are there, and the people there are nicer. The whole change has not benefited me at all. The only thing good, was that the classes are close, but that doesn’t even matter. I walk quick, and barely (that I remembered) get tardies. So nothing really went for the good. I can’t believe they didn’t consult me about this before making their decision on me. I’m going to try to get the counselors to help me. If I can find them. I hope I get some luck in going back to the way things were suppose to be. I just feel so miserable depressed right now.

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