I applied for a schedule change yesterday

I applied for a schedule change yesterday to change my schedule. I haven’t been called up yet, so it might occur on Monday. I just hope it’s not when there’s a test or something important. The lady said it might be to late, but it’s only been like the 3rd since my schedule change. Oh well. I can only hope. Anyways we’re off Monday because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is wonderful. There will be 2 parades downtown in Houston which is because 2 parade planners wanted to do it, so City Coucil okayed both of them. The first one, The Martin Luther King Jr. Grande Parade, will be at 10:00 AM and will include 30 bands and 15 floats. the other one, I can’t find specific info. about, but it will happen in the afternoon. I don’t see why there has to be 2 parades. Can’t the 2 planners get along, and creat 1 special big parade for MLK? I mean we’re talking about the guy who did peace and unity thing. Yet these 2 parades want to honor him, by having seperate parades? What’s up with that? I think it’s just plain dumb. Anyways, I bet the parade will be awesome, but like most people in Houston, I’m not going. It takes awhile to drive there, and it’s fun to watch for awhile, but it ends too quicky and there’s nothing else to do. Sorry, but that’s how Houston works. Anyways that’s about it. Jersey Village High School will be closed on Monday. It will also be rainy all week. And it could snow, if the temperatures are cold enough. That’s about it.

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