Freedom Writers – An excellent movie!

I saw this great movie last Sunday. I know, yet again I’m late with this story. But I’m really not a blogging person. I have an awesome Dell computer I use everyday, but I really don’t like spending time to write about everything.
Okay, on with the story. I went to the AMC 24 theater, real early to wait for the 3:40 show. There, I met my old middle school friend, Samantha (I forgot her last name 😦 ) who’s a real cool girl that plays band at Dean Middle School. She’s in 8th grade. Anyways, she was listening to her Shuffle, and she said hi to me. At first, I didn’t recognize her. But she confirmed herself as Sam, and then I remembered. We chat a bit, while her mom get’s tickets, and we catch up. She’s going to my high school by the way. So she goes to see some movie called Stomp the Yard, but I heard it was awful later. So soon I go to buy my own ticket, which costed me $7, I think. So I wait in the lobby, and listen to my Zune. Then I bought a hot dog, and a large soda, to eat during the film. I think it was all for $5, but I’m not so sure. The movie is about a teacher, who gets a new job at this high school, in Long Beach, Los Angeles. It seems that integration with other races, was introduced for awhile in the film, and the time period seems to be around the 1980’s or the 1990’s.  She sees a lot of violence in the school, and she thinks that the school is doing enough to teach these kids. Her first day, there’s fights, and nobody seems to like the other race. The people that work there, are mainly white, just like her, while most of the students are of a whole lot of diverse races. And it seems that most of the staff, is real racist or something. She doesn’t like this, so takes extra jobs, like being a bra clerk, conceirge, and whatever, to buy some of her own stuff for the class. She buys them journals, and she expects they at least write something in there about anything, and gives them the choice if they want it read by her or not, as long as checks that there’s something written on those pages. To her surprise, she finds them all in her closet (where the students drop them off) and starts reading. She hears about the stories of the violence that these kids goes through, and it’s like she feels as she’s there. So one day, she earns enough cash, to take the whole class on a field trip. She takes them to the Holocaust Museum, and they seem for the first time realize how bad and sad violence is. It really gets to them. So by now, they are more better, but need to be smarter. She gets them a 2nd year, and they have their goods and bads, and her husband wants to have a divorce with her, because he feels that she dedicates too much of her time with that class, and not enough with him. So she moves on, and one day, the class really wants to see Miep Gies, you know, the woman in Anne Frank. So the students altogether raise cash to get her there. The teacher sends the letters to Miep Gies, and she actually comes. They have her talk in the classroom about what it felt like, and what’s brave and what’s a hero. It’s really touching. Now the kids seem to tolerate each other and respect everyone. Sometime later, the students hear that the teacher won’t move with them to their Junior year. She was only certified for Freshmens, and Sophomores. They feel really disappointed, so she tries to do something about it with the office. The mean crabby lady doesn’t want her to, saying that her students are only doing somewhat well, because her thoughts about them, has only influenced their grades, and that it can’t go on for much longer. So they both get this thing straighted out with the school districe office, and she wins. She meets her students outside, and they ask if she will be with them next year. She says no, but she will be with them for their Junior and their Senior year. They all cheer, and that’s basically it. There’s also another plotline in the story, specifically about a Latino girl. Her husband got in trouble with the police even though they he was innocent, when she was young, so when she was a teenager, she joined a gang. She’s inside a gas station, and her mate is in the car. He aims for a black boy as he comes out, but the black boy dodged, and instead killed the owner’s asian son. He drives away, but the Asian family assume it was the black boy, since he ran off. But the Latino girl saw and knew who did it, so she’s to testify in court who it was. At first she was going to protect her Latino gang member, but the teacher’s words comes to her mind, and instead she opts for what’s right. And that means naming the real killer. She does, and unfortunately, the gang finds her and beats her up. She doesn’t die, but has to live with her aunt for awhile, and the teacher is also willing to allow for her to stay late, and will also drive her home if she needs to. And the Latino girl learns that being in a gang will not protect her from violence, but it will only start more, and she is willing to get out of it.
Long post, right? Anyways this movie is overwhelmingly good, and I rate it 5 stars. You really should see it.

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