Ice storm hits Houston on Wednesday and school’s out!

I know it’s late by now, but I’m still reporting it. There was this big ice storm on Wednesday here in Houston, and most schools got canceled! Including Jersey Village High School! The funny thing is, I didn’t know until it was too late. Here’s how it went: I wake up, and look at my alarm clock. I’m kinda blind, and I though it was 6-something, and I assume I’m late, so I rush to brush my teeth, shave, do my face, and whatever, and throw some clothes on. I was suppose to bring a poster board to school, and I though it would be better to carry it in a car rather than the bus. Plus, I really wanted to go to the school early. So I got my dad up (I’m too young to drive) and he says it’s too early and stuff. But I get him up, and he get’s ready. I didn’t check the weather reports, because I thought it was late, so I just scrambled into the van. My dad drives me, nobody was at the bus stop, and the streets seem emptier than usual. When I got to school, the whole place was empty. Whoops. We assumed that school’s out today. We got back home, and my mom watching the news, and says that the school called to say that school’s canceled today. She couldn’t call us, because both out cell phones were off. It was then that I noticed the clock said 6:00. We must have arrived at the school around 5:45. Man did I feel stupid! Anyways, I spent the whole day off, and catching up. It was a great Wednesday, but we do have to make it up on the last day of school. But that doesn’t sound so bad, since nobody really does anything on the last day of school. At least it was a great Icy Wednesday!

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