Quyen Tong – a really nice boy

Quinn’s a really nice guy. What does he do when he sees some boy walking around the cafetorium often alone? He invites him at his table so he won’t feel lonely. More like he forces me to. Quinn’s what you would consider a good-looking, nice, funny, annoying, talkative, muscley & neat combo guy. He’s also the kind of guy that’s real nice to me for some reason. Around this whole week, he’s been inviting/forcing me to sit at his table because he feels bad that I don’t have anyone to hang with at lunch. Okay, let me get something straight here, I’m not like what he thinks. I do enjoy sitting at other tables during lunch, but I kinda like walking around and seeing/admiring the lives of other people I see. Plus, I usually don’t eat, and the most I would do is drink Nestea/Brisk. But Quinn assumes the whole pathetic boy thing, and makes me sit at his table. I mean it does seem nice and all, but there has to be some catch to this. What would a nice good-looking Senior (at least I think he’s a senior) do with a boring not so good-looking freshman? I mean it just doesn’t make sense. As much as there’s good honest felt reasons, there can also be bad reasons. What if he wants to boost his image, and makes himself look like a kind guy, by bring a pathetic freshman to his table? Well there’s only 1 other guy we seem to talk to at lunch, kinda the same, but less crazy, like Quinn. What if he wants something out of me? Like he’s softening me up for something. Does he want homework answers? money? even sex? Well he is much older, so it’s not likely he’s depending on anybody’s smarts. He’s pretty well loaded, he even offered to buy me snacks on the house. Sex, I don’t think so, I’m certain that he’s capable of getting sex the right way. Otherwise these reasons can still be valid, so I’m not sure. Or he really is just a nice guy. On Thursday, he kept asking if I wanted something to eat, and he would offer to buy. We’re at the snack machine, and I keep on insisting that I already ate, and don’t need anything from him. What a nice guy. And he also said during lunch, that he was going on a NASA field trip for Calculus so he wouldn’t be there on Friday. And true to his word, he wasn’t. Friends usually tell you something that you might as well expect, and he did. Could this be something new? Anyways, I’m still gonna stay cautious about this whole thing. I mean what if he’s a spy? I am considerably smart (according to what the school says), and maybe he’s thinking of recruiting me for the army or something. Whatever it is, I guess I’ll try attempting to be more accepting to Quinn, and at least make myself not look like such a total loser. Maybe I can even have a better image. Who knows? I’m gonna try.

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