Windows Live – doing something for a good cause

Do you want to help the 9 Million refugee children out there? But you don’t have any cash to donate? Well here’s a good way how to help: Microsoft ( is willing to donate a certain amount of money to the 9 Million UNICEF Foundation ( based on how many searches are done on Windows Live search ( Isn’t that really awesome? All you have to do is search, and money can be given to the foundation. Anybody can do this, it’s not like nobody doesn’t use a search engine these days right? So can you give up Google, or Yahoo!, or whatever it is until the end of March? Because during that time, your searching can contribue money to help refugee kids who really need it. Anyways, Live search is actually really cool, and gives out relevant search results, unlike Google. Although it doesn’t give you millions and bazillion of results, if that’s what you want. It just gives what’s right. So this is really easy, so do it, it will help save the world. At least tell your friends if you’re not interested, at least they can make a difference. If you want to help, you can start here :
or go see their Live Space at

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