I don’t know what to think about Quinn. At lunch, he just bothers me.

Quinn – Remember the boy I told you a few days ago? Anyways, I guess I’ll be sitting with him during lunch all year. I guess I’ll just have to except facts. Everytime I walk around the cafeteria, and he spots me, he yells out my name to come over there. So, I reluctantly go over to him. It’s not like I have to or anything, but it would look more stupid if I just walk away. And I really don’t care anymore. So I sat at his table again today, and I made no excuses to leave. I got to know some of his friend’s names, like Eric, and Josh. They’re pretty much like him too. It kind of makes me nervous to sit there. It’s like a brown egg, in a box of white eggs – it’s just doesn’t seem to fit in. I’m the brown egg, Quinn & friends are the white eggs. They’re overall big, seniors (or older than freshmen), a bit more straightforward, and just overall more of the guy that just walks right up without fear. I’m the complete opposite. Actually, I’m really the opposite of everybody I know. I can’t look people in the eye, I have trouble speaking to people (I’ve noticed that lately), I get real nervous around girls (I don’t know why), and I just don’t feel like I belong with those guys. Quinn today, was insisting that this girl that I said was pretty (we went around lunch asking who’s pretty or not) said I was good-looking too. I didn’t believe it. Laura isn’t like that. And nobody would ever say that. It’s not like I’m the death face, but a girl wouldn’t say that out loud. Anyways, he kept urging me to go on to her table, so we can question her, but it turns out that she switched to a new lunch now. But he did make the other girls say that I was good-looking, and not so bad, but I think he kind of forced them some-how, because they sound like they weren’t 100% with their answers. I like Quinn overall, but I kind of hate it when he makes fun of people. Like yesterday, he was commenting about this fat boy, and saying that he was really fat, and had a huge butt and all. And when he sat, there was this big crack, and if they threw a chocolate bar, the boy wouldn’t notice, and it would just sit there and melt. Becoming what probaly would look like, you know what. Anyways, it did seem funny, but it was kind of mean too. It’s not like the boy heard it, just an inside joke. But it’s still didn’t seem right to me. He also made fun of the way Chloe talked, and I don’t know what happened, until Chloe told me, but still it’s not hard to believe. He also called Karen an ugly geek. I mean she’s a nice girl to talk to, and I get some answers and get to hear her story. That’s something I like to do with people, hear their story, you know, like find out more about them, get to see their thoughts by what they say. And she’s cool, but he doesn’t like me talking to her. I guess it might be a cool factor. I never though myself as any more better than Karen, but the fact that Quinn still considers me higher than her, must mean that I’m more than what I thought I was. So it’s good to hear that I’m not a total loser, but it’s still coming from Quinn. Everybody could have different thoughts about me, but the fact that he does have a really high status, must mean something. Although he is kind of wacky, and crazy. Anyways, that’s how it is today. I’m really worried about an English essay, and a Bio exam tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to study some more. That’s it.

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