I feel so dizzy today!

Today, was a pretty ok day. Geometry passed by fine. Geography was pretty much a free day. Watched a video in Health class. But then came Biology. I have Biology 4th period, and during 4th period, we have class, lunch, and advisory, in about during that time, where they’re clumped. I have advisory 1st, class, and then lunch. During Advisory, we did nothing as usual except talk about the cookies we brought in. Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of photos, at school, since Monday, and I’ve been snapping shots all over school. I even do it during class time, when I can when the teacher’s not looking. I took a few when nobody noticed, (there was no flash, and nobody would have known any better, if they weren’t looking in my direction) and I got some pretty great shots. Except Craig had to take my camera and wanted to see the pictures on it, and I told him to give it back, before I got in trouble or something, but guess what? Mr. Salinas walked right in. Mr. Salinas, is not my teacher, but he’s the other bio teacher nearby, and he always drops in our class too often. Some say he’s gay (really gay), and can be mean, or nice, whatever. But there’s one thing for sure, he’s a stickler for rules. I remember one time, Austin pulled out his cellphone to check out the time, and Mr. Salinas happens to walk in, and see that, and told Mrs. Oswalt. She gave him that stern "Austin." look and sound, but that’s it. She could really care less. Mr. Salinas didn’t have to do that, but he did, and that’s kind of mean. He doesn’t have a 4th period class, so it’s not surprising for him to barge right in. I also think he might like Mrs. Oswalt since he comes in so often, but that’s a really big strech right there, and she’s already married, while people think he’s gay. Whatever it is, he saw Craig, said why was that out, and that we shouldn’t be having it, and I told him that Craig swiped it from me, and whatever. He told me to put it away, I did. And that’s it. I sat down and just started working on a paper in front of me, pretending not to care. I don’t know if he told Mrs. Oswalt or anything, but she didn’t come over to reprimand me. She’s nice, and she doesn’t hate me at all. It’s just a camera after all. Sheesh. I don’t see why schools have to be so uptight with these stupid rules about electronics. I think as long as we don’t use them during class time, it’s ok. In the hallway, at lunch, or just outside shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately the rule states the whole school period, from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM, no phones, music players, nada. I understand how it could "disrupt the learning environment" but during lunch? come on. So I just sat there sulking, well maybe not sulking, but being a bit depressed for that moment. I don’t blame Craig, he’s really nice, and just wanted to see the recent photos I got, and he only took it for a few seconds until he came in. I don’t think most teachers care about digital cameras anyway. I walk around with it in the hallways, waiting for a good moment, and nobody cares, unless I take their photo without permission (which I sometimes do) but that’s it. If someone questions why I have one out, I say it’s for Photo Club. I don’t think it’s a real lie though, I’m thinking of joining next year since it sounds so easy. So I sat silently just staring at the wall. Then I heard Steven Franco talking to Kyle, the other table across the aisle, that I kind of look like a model, now that he notices. So then Kyle asks out if I do model work, and I said no, kind of meanly though, and I reget saying it that way. Then I swiveled around to face the other wall, so they didn’t see more of me. But the truth is, I do model work, but I don’t want to say so. But it feels good to hear from a guy like Steven Franco that I actually look like a model. Beautiful is associated with models, and in away, he said I was good-looking enough to be a model. I usually hate my looks, and it’s really photo software that enhances the "model’s look" on photos. But wow, hearing something from a guy like Franco is something else. Also, as I was walking towards Spanish, he said hi to me, and I said hi back. It’s good to know that he knows I exist, and 2 times in a row today. Class starts, and she hands back our tests. I got a 76. Yippie. There was a 4 point curve though, so it’s now an 80. I wish I did better though. Sigh. So we talked about cookies, and how the 4 different recipies choices we had, could be compared to different genes in the world of evolution and all that. Basically the cookies and evolution thing was neat. We even got to bring in our own drinks. I wish we could do this kind of stuff more often. So class was really just talking about the cookies/evolution thing, and then working on a worksheet that was due Monday. Then there was lunch, and I’m still feeling depressed though, so I ate alone. And stared at the passerbys. A couple of people did invite me to sit at their table though, even a group of Hispanic girls I didn’t know at the next table, but I rejected their offers, and said I was fine and ok. But it’s good to hear that people actually care about me though. Some others just said hey. Spanish came, there was a sub, and we just did puzzles, and workbook pages. Then English, we got 2 quizzes. The vocab one was easy. The Act III for Romeo & Juliet was not so easy. Only 20 questions, and I’m only certain about 50% – 70% were correct. Now I guess I’ll have to worry the whole weekend. Today was ok, except the 76 thing, and getting caught, but everything else was great.

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