We’re reading a Midsummer Night’s Dream in English

We’re reading yet again, another Shakespeare novel, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We got this book last Friday, and I only could read 2 pages during the weekend, and it was too hard to read, that I couldn’t continue. So I chose the writing assignment, where you write all the vocab words you don’t know, tell 2 traits for each main character and 2 quotes for each trait, and find 3 quotes for each theme. Boy is that hard. I could have chose to act out the play, but I don’t like getting up, and showing off myself. I saw at school several kids got this neat book, called No Fear Shakespeare : A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s really cool. It comes from the same line as the SparkNotes, and it translates the old original play into a modern English version, so that it’s easy to understand. Here’s what’s included, a brief description of each character, the whole play converted into modern English, with the original play on the left page, and the new version on the right, and you just keep reading on either the left or right pages, and so on, and a place for notes.  It’s really easy to understand, and they do it line by line. It’s different from just side notes, because it converts the whole thing. It’s amazing. I asked my mom Monday to get it, but she was too busy to get it that day. Same thing Tuesday. Finally, on Wednesday, we go to Barnes & Noble and get it. It cost $5.95 plus tax. It’s well worth it. Today has also been great in English, because I finally understood what the play’s themes actually mean, and learn that it’s not due until Tuesday. Whew! It’s actually pretty good, when you read them in the new version. At least you can understand and follow what’s going on. That’s about it. Oh, and I got a 101 on my biology quiz! I got 5 extra points for bringing in a stuffed animal for the classification activity. I missed one question, 4 points off, because I for that word for the scientific tool used to identify unknown organisms, and I put cladogram key, instead of dichotomous key. Yeah, I know, stupid. She said lots of people got bad grades this time, and it kind of feels good to do something right for once. Usually, I think I’m horrible at Biology. Lately, I’ve reorganized my stuff. I’ve tossed out last semester’s old papers, switched to a smaller mobile binder for lightness and less space-hogging, and refreshed myself. It feels great. I don’t have so much clutter and things are much more clearer now. Maybe I should do this more often. Anyways that’s it for now.

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