Friday was a good school day.

Friday was pretty good today, despite the tests and quizzes I got. First it started with Geometry, where we got a quiz, and it wasn’t so hard. I also gave the teacher a Kleenex box, to kill a low grade, while the classroom gets more tissues. Yay. Then we had Geography where we pretty much did nothing again. Health came, and we finished the rest of the "Supersize Me" movie. I kind of liked that movie. I just only hated how he mainly referred to McDonald’s as the only fast-food chain making everyone fat. Other chains are just as bad as they are. We had a biology test in 4th period. It was kinda hard. I’m not sure if I did good enough. I finished all right, but I’m just not certain that I got a good grade. I’m pretty sure it’s not an A though. Then there was lunch. I went around and visited lots of tables. Then there came a Spanish test. That was easy. He got the scantrons graded when we were done, and I got a 98. Oh yeah! Then there was English. We had a vocab quiz, and it was relatively easy. But I have to finish the book this today, and get my project done before Wednesday. That’s about it.

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