I think I’m going to have to move

My parents have been wanting a new house for a long time. Right now, we live in a 70’s-80’s build 1-story ranch house, in northwest Houston. It’s pretty ok. Nothing special. Area isn’t bad or superb. It’s just a place. But it’s old. The plumbing is getting worse, there’s been infestation before, and the overall layout of the house is kind of awful. Like cramped bathrooms, and large yards (I hate mowing grass!). So my parents want to move to this foreign new subdivision that just opened up and get a 2 story house there. But I don’t want to move there. It’s not far from my current subdivision, actually it’s less than a mile, or even have a mile, from the entrance to this one. But I already live far away from the high school, and getting their in the morning is a drag, with all the traffic and stoplights, so living closer would be great. But this one seems to be even farther away. I don’t like that. Also, I don’t know anybody that lives there. It’s still new, and they’re still building houses, so I know absolutely nobody there. Not cool. I want to hang with friends nearby, not on the other side. Also, I really hate new little-medium sized subdivisions. They have absolutely no character, and they all look the same/similar. Plus, Houston always gets a lot of housing devlopment built a lot, unlike other parts of the country, and there is always a lot of new subdivisions popping-up everywhere, and it’s annoying. It destroys beautiful land areas, before being developed, and it causes more traffic. Areas where there used to be nice shady trees, are gone and plumped with yucky uniformed houses. Living in a neighborhood like this isn’t appealing to me. I did check out a model with my parents one time, and it did look cool, especially the 2nd floor walkway near the living room, and everything being new and all. But it just isn’t me. I already like where I live, kind of, but if we had to move, I want to live closer to the high school. 2 middle schools, Dean and Cook, send their students to Jersey Village. There’s this whole boundry thing for Dean students, so most go to Jersey Village, and others go to Cy-Ridge. All of Cook gets to go to JVHS. I was in the Dean majority, so I went to JVHS, but even today, I see more Cook friends, than Dean so even living with other Dean guys isn’t as important anymore. But living farther away from even the Dean people is just worse. I know that I have only 3 years left of high school, so it’s not so important, but I don’t like it. I’d rather the money be spent on better things, than a house that isn’t the best for everyone. No house is perfect, but the location means a lot to me, and living farther is not good to me. I’m not even sure if the plans are definite yet, that we’ll be moving to Terrace Brook, but still, moving isn’t cool to me.

2 responses to “I think I’m going to have to move

  1. well, i used to wear my glasses when i need to and then put them away. But then, I lost it and I got in trouble with my parents. haahah from then on, i wore it all the time. New house?!?! I always get excited looking at new houses ahah MORE ROOM, NEW LOCATION and you can also make MORE friends!!! =)

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