It’s Chinese/Vietnamese New Years!

Some people might not celebrate it, but I guess my family does. This weekend so far has been Chinese/Vietnamese New Years. You want to know an interesting tidbit? There’s only 4 times before 2100, that Chinese and Vietnamese New Year are on different days. Yes, I know, you never knew they were 2 different holidays, right? It’s true. I saw it on Wikipedia ( It has to do with time zones or whatever. More or less, we’re doing the Vietnamese New Year one. You know what I think is the best part of it all? I just love to recieve the little red envelopes of money. Yesterday, I recieved like $10. Today I got $47! I even got a $2 bill, and it’s still crisp! Now I know there’s more than just money involved, but it’s still cool. Today we went to this really big temple here in Houston, and it was crowded. I didn’t enjoy it much. It was really smelly inside the temple with all the incense and stuff. It wasn’t even better outside, with all those nasty smokers and the very cool wind. But I got through it. Especially when we stopped by Burger King and I got some chicken fries and onion rings. Overall, today was ok. I still got lots of homework right now, and it seems I’ll have to stay up tonight to do it. Oh well. It’s kind of distracting with the New Year’s celebration and all. I better start getting to work soon. I just wanted to update everybody. I’ll also try to provide some pictures of the envelopes and stuff. See ya.

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