We had the Reading TAKS test today.

We had a TAKS(Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) for reading today. It was pretty easy actually. I was really worried and nervous. Here’s how it went, there was 2 passages, followed by the 3 topics of mulitple choice questions (story 1, story 2, comparison of 1 and 2) and then there were 3 open-ended questions. The multi-choice questions were easy. The open-ended ones were kind of hard. But I got through them, and I think I might get a good grade. My english teacher said that the results should come by May. So we basically stayed in the same classroom (a random one I was put in) for 5 hours. We did testing for like 4 hours, and when the whole classroom was finished, we had lunch (boxed lunches or brought) we just hung out and talked. Then 5th and 6th period came. We weren’t going to do anything in Spanish today, so I planned to go to Bio to work on a lab so I could get as much work done as possible. I had the pass, but had to wait for my Span teacher to come and sign it. All the teachers got switched in diff. classrooms and all, so it took awhile. Then I arrived (all the way on the other side of the school) to my bio classroom, but I was too chicken to go in. She had a 5th period class, and the tardy bell had already rang, so I didn’t want to be noticed by anyone. So I went all the way back to near my Spanish class, when I decided, I shouldn’t be scared. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in going in there. So I went all the way back, but this time the door was closed. I didn’t even bother knocking. I just went back to my Spanish class, and suffered the consequences of not planning ahead. We just watched a Selena movie, about how she developed her singing career and all. Then came English. We just watched the play "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", and almost got to the end of it. What was really funny though was that Puck and Oberon looked kind of gay during the play. Puck was like some muscley hot guy, while Oberon seemed like a small sharp guy, and they would always talk and lay down together. Real close. Like they were a thing. It just looked real funny. There were other funny stuff too. So that’s about it. Then around 7:00 tonight, my sister took me to Barnes & Noble to buy "A Tale of Two Cities" plus a SparkNotes for it. It was only too bad though that they ran out of the SparkNotes, and so did other nearby stores. Rats. Then we went to Best Buy to buy some Zune cards, but they only had a $25 denomination card. I was hoping for like $10. They didn’t even have a $10 iTunes card, which I was hoping to buy a movie on iTunes with. What kind of made me angry though was that they weren’t so serious on selling the Zune. There is like only 1 purchase card, and it’s not even placed in a prominent location, like with the other iTunes cards and all. Instead, it was hanged along a small narrow shelf, right under a Apple logo cube. Talk about rude. I did get to see a Vista computer real close though, and I have to admit that it’s cool. I don’t see why so many other people complain about it. I thought it was neat. Especially Media Center. And it even looks nice too. Oh well. Then we went to "la Madeleine". It was my first time, and I was hoping for a sweet pastry or something. Unfortunately, it was like 9 at the time, and since business was slow, they started closing down a bit early. I didn’t see many of the deserts, but my sister suggest a napolean. I also got a soda and we sat at a table. It closes at 10 BTW. So I tried my 1st Napolean, and it wasn’t good. First, it was hard to break apart. Fork and knife was just so hard to use. Second, it was too sweet for me. It had some gooey yellow thing, which made it really taste sweet, which I didn’t like. Sweet is nice, too sweet isn’t. So I had a hard time eating it, while my sister kept telling me how to eat properly, like sitting down, stop staring at the plate so much, to look up, and whatever. We talked about some of my problems, and then we went home. That’s about it today.

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  1. I respect your opinion, I really dont mind Pcs too much in general, just a tad appauled that windows vista looks pretty much like a carbon copy of macs…come on, it doesnt even look much like a PC anymore!, which kinda takes away the entire concept of windows. and Ps. Macs have WAY cooler software bundled up compared to windows (iLife, etc), and their built in cameras offer so much more.. and you can get mouses with the scroll wheel for macs. So there. I\’m just glad I know how to use both macs and windows easily enough.

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