75th Rodeo comes to Houston!

The rodeo is once again here in Houston. It’s the 75th one and it’s probaly going to be fun. It’s got concerts, BBQ, livestock shows, rides, and tons of stuff. The thing is that I’ve never gone before. I wish I did though. I’ve never gotten anyone to take me. My friends don’t usually go too. In fact, I took a survey around the school and found this:
When surveyed if they either A) Will go to the rodeo, B) Won’t go to the rodeo, or C) Don’t know yet, here are the results:
Yes = 36%
No = 40%
I don’t know = 24%
So it seems that most people aren’t going period. That’s kind of sad. You would think everybody would go. The people who said no, just really said that there isn’t too much of interest there and that looking at livestock, and the place being smelly isn’t really drawing them there. I can see what they mean. I really do want to go. I think the tickets cost around $60 or something. I hope it isn’t too late or anything. I’m not sure what I would really want to do there. But I’ll try to get my sister to take me there. Anyways that’s about it. I just wanted to mention that the rodeo was coming here in Houston.

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