I’m getting so overworked with school work.

This is just about schoolwork, if you have something better to do, then I suggest you move on.
Not that you people could really give a care, but I’m overworked to the max. You would think teachers could give you a break sometimes. Or at least make the questions less difficult. I took a geometry test yesterday, and I didn’t even finish it (we got time to finish it today though), and geometry relatively has easy worksheets that you do, just with a few toughies. Geography is as easy as pie. Health it almost as easy. Biology, is one of the biggest brain drainers. It seems like I have homework every night. We took a pretty hard test the other day (got an 82), and the next day, we’re assigned this whole big mashed up "grading contract" where there’s a list of 22 activities planned for 14 school days, all about plants. Sections are due at the end of the week, #1-6, this week. Some are labs, some are study guides, and some are just plain wacky. The thing is, you get to choose what set of grade you can aim for. Like you get a choice of an receiving an 85 (don’t have to do 2 study guides and a lab), 90 (don’t have to #1 OR #17), 95 (don’t have to do #whatever or #whatever) and a 100 (do them all). #1 and #17 seem the hardest to me. Do a plant experiment, and a scavenger hunt for certain plants. The 90 option gives you a choice of killing off one of them. That’s it. However, I think she said that if you fail to complete a project, it deducts 5 points off your grade contract. So let’s say this, I pick the 100 option, and I don’t do #1 or #17. I get a 90. However, if I do the 90 option, if I decided to skip out on the 2, I would receive an 85. What’s the better deal? Obviously the 100 option. At least I think she said you lose 5 points on your whole grade contract. It might be more or less, or if you didn’t start it at all, you just get a big 0. I’ll have to confirm it. Anyways, I’m stuffed with scanning the book to fill out study guides, drawing comic strips of angiosperms, studying the prelab, and all that hogwash. The thing is, is that there’s no test in the end. I guess it’s a good thing. But maybe one big test, would seem better than running multiple activities all due in some parts of the week. I’m not even sure I’m learning anything. More or less, I’m just running around the clock, searching for answers, rather than analyzing to make sure I understand it. Anyways I hate it. Then there’s Spanish II, which seems still relatively easy. Then there comes English. English is still kinda hard. We’re reading "A Tale of Two Cities" and so far it seems stupid. Does Charles Dickens always wants to kill us with his novels? I mean the only thing I ever liked from him was "A Christmas Carol" and that’s it. I only liked it because you CAN UNDERSTAND it. Unlike his other novels. I finished book 1 by now. Even with the Sparknotes, I’m still having a hard time with it, especially the analysis questions like "How does Lucie begin to meet stereotypical expectations of an ideal woman?" Like how am I suppose to know what an ideal woman is. All she did in that chapter was act kinda serious, and going hysterical over her father, at least from what I could gather. I wish they could make a translation book for this novel. Like the No Fear Shakespeare ones they have. So that’s how all my classes are. Was it ever like this when you were in high school? I think I have it hard. Well I am taking the upperlevel classes, but still. I have a life, and so do many other people. I really admire the people who take the same classes and can still participate in extracurricular activities. I don’t think I could do the same. I’d probaly crack up before then. I’m having to spend nights doing work. Part of the problem is this: I get home from school, turn on my Dell, and just relax a bit. Then I stop, read the news, take a shower, and eat, and then it’s time to watch TV. I don’t have TiVo, a DVR or anything, so I catch it when I can. Even though I have cable, I find myself watching the primetime shows the most, and rarely have time for anything else. Then it’s homework time. Usually by 9:00 or 10:00. And that’s still not enough time for me. I might drift off while doing work, or just getting tired during the middle of the night. It’s so sad. I better get going, and start some work right now.

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