I’m making a difference

I found this cool new thing today. You can donate cash to any 9 charities you want without having to drop a penny. All you have to do is have Windows Live Messenger, and in your "personal message" area type one of the following codes to donate to that charity:

Text Code



American Red Cross


Boys & Girls Club


National AIDS Fund


National Multiple Sclerosis Society




Sierra Club




Susan G. Komen for the Cure


The US fund for UNICEF

Everytime you have a conversation on your Live Messenger, Microsoft will automatically donate some of it’s money from it’s advertisments to the charity that you picked. Isn’t that easy? All you have to do is just change your personal message and that’s it. Nothing else is disrupted. Just keep on IMing your friends like usual. It’s great to hear a company like Microsoft willing to do this. You don’t here AIM or Y! Messenger, or anyone else for that matter doing anythng like this. They even have a click 4 the cause thing (http://click4thecause.live.com/Search/Charity/Default.aspx) that they’ve done and it won’t end until the end of March. Do you hear Google or Yahoo! doing anything like that? Nope. At least somebody is there. So just do it, it’s real easy. You have to be in the U.S. though. But that’s about it. Please try it, their main site is here: http://im.live.com/Messenger/IM/Home/.


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