I went to the Rodeo Friday!

I went to the Houston Livestock Rodeo yesterday! It was so fun. I’ve never gone before, as far as I remembered. My aunt was going to take me and my brothers after school yesterday. We never heard her calling, and when she stopped by, and we weren’t ready, she kind of blew her top off. So we me and my younger brother scrambled around and got ready, while my aunt got my other little brother, who’s 5, ready. He was kind of fussy, and she got angry at that too. When we got in the Lexus, to go pick up my other 2 younger cousins, she said that she called 2 times, and nobody ever answered. I didn’t even realize that. So we picked up my girl cousins, Athena and Alex, and we went on. My aunt said that her 3 coworkers will be there, and not to tell anything about our family’s personal life to them. We got some McDonalds, and ate in the car along the way. It was already around 5:30 by then. My aunt decided to use shortcuts to get there, because of all the traffic and things. It was like 6:45 when we got there, and the sun was going down. We found a parking spot, near the Reliant Center, and the parking was $10. So we crossed our way towards the perimeter of the place. We were going up and down ditches to get there. Shouldn’t there be better development than this? So we got there. My aunt bought the tickets and we got in. We had to wait for a moment for her coworkers to arrive. I thought at first that they were going to be older people that were boring, but they weren’t. They were actually pretty young, even younger than my aunt I think. There was this out-going guy named Ricky, and 2 other girls, but I forgot their names. They were fun too. So we bought tickets (they cost $50 per FunPass card, ouch!) and we went around for rides. There were so many cool rides. There was this gigantic Ferris wheel (largest in the Western hemisphere it said) some small roller coasters, one of those twisty cart rides (you know, the one that picks up cars in packs of 4, and twirls them around in the air), a water ride, and lots of those unique carnival rides, like a fun house, haunted house, merry-go-round, all that stuff. They were kind of pricey too. Sometimes it was like 6 or 7 tickets per person. There was also tons of food places to eat at. There were many stands where they sold the most fattiest food you can get. There were funnel cakes, corn dogs, pizzas, burgers, roasted corn, turkey legs, sausages on a stick, and that’s just the tip of the iceburg. I got a corndog, a foot-long corndog. It was very long, but it was so tasty. It just tasted so good. I really don’t worry so much about eating junk food. I’m already slim, and even when I do eat a lot, it doesn’t really amount much to my weight or looks. So I ate guilt free. So we went around and all just scoping for cool rides and stuff. I noticed there were a whole lot of teens and college-age kids. I also noticed a lot of smoking at the place. It really annoys me. I mean, can’t smokers just smoke at home. There’s always a place and time to do things, and I doubt it has to be done at the Rodeo. Ugh. It’s not like there were a ton of smokers everywhere. But every once in a while, you would come across one. You just have to ignore it and move away. I hope they can do something about it like making certain smoking zones, or banning it all together. So we then stopped to buy some more food. I took a whole lot of pictures there. I’ll get around to posting them on here soon. We didn’t see any of the animals in the Reliant Center though, because the kids weren’t so keen on it. Like it was "stinky" or "boring" or something. I don’t think the Astrodome was used, and I think the Reliant Stadium had the real livestock events, and concerts and all. The whole time was just plain cool. I’m thinking of trying to go there every year now. It’s just so cool. So around 11:10, we left and went home. I don’t think I’ll forget it this time.

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