There’s a gang on my street!

Ok, it’s not that serious, but I think a gang is starting to form on the intersection of my street. Here’s how it all started, last Wednesday, my took me home from after school. We were about to cross a short section to my street, and there was this group of 6-8 teens and tweens wearing black shirts and some with black pants, I think. They were all Hispanic (as far as I could tell) standing on a 3-street intersection (it branches off from a main street of the neighborhood, but is really only used by the people that live in this section) and they looked kind of suspicious. I mean, what kind of group of kids wear all black, and just meet around an intersection of a 2 streets? It looks kind of strange, and I would assume they were a gang of some kind. They just looked scary and threatning. As we cut through, I put my head down so I didn’t have to see them. As we were going towards my house (I live in smack dab in the middle of one of the intersection streets) my mom asked if I knew them. I said no, but I didn’t even try looking at them. This is seriously scary. Let me describe you about my neighborhood: It’s one of those large suburban neighborhoods you’ll find in northwest Houston, called Woodland Trails West. It’s very large, and even has another neighborhood that’s called that, yet it doesn’t seem to have any roads connecting to my neighborhood, although you could just enter by crossing a walkway over White Oak Bayou. Except their neighborhood is more of in a sorry state than ours. There’s lots of old 70’s esque homes there, and flooding is very frequent there. They’re even tearing down the houses there, one-by-one, over a long period of time, because somebody thinks its too dangerous to live there. The way I see it, most of the kids that live there, are low-income, and some aren’t the kind of people you want to hang with. My neighborhood on the other hand, is relatively ok. I mean it’s just all that you need. It was also one of those 70’s-80’s styled neighborhoods, with the yucky boring houses. There’s a park, but there’s just a little playground with a really rusty old section and a new section that’s already been tagged by stupid teens, a pool that I have to say is boring, a volleyball court with yucky sand that needs to be cleaned (there’s lot of nasty stuff in there, and ants are in it all the time, so you can’t go barefoot) and it’s not really a place that many people in the community hangout. It kind of sucks. There have been new houses built lately, over in parts that just weren’t developed, and now are. There’s pretty much low crime there. We don’t hear of shootings, fires, vandalism, or anything like that there. In fact, I thought it was pretty much ok, until I saw those group of boys. Nothing really makes you insecure until you see gangs in your location. It’s just freaky. I don’t even know the names of our neighbors, although we’re just really cordial with them. Just sometimes we might pass by and just say hi. I’ll already be moving though, (my parents have already found a plot in Terrace Brook, another stupid sprawling brand new neighborhood 😦 ) so it’s not really impacting me I hope. I’m a nice guy at school, so there’s no reason I should be a target. I don’t go out much, except for the occasion that I want to ride my bike, but that’s it. But this has me worried. What do you think about all this?

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