A great Friday night

I had a wonderful unexpected Friday night yesterday. All week, I’ve had some bad luck, but yesterday night was great. My aunt came over and offered to take my and my brother to go bowling with her coworkers. So we went. We went to an AMF somewhere in Stafford (southwest Houston) and we had some fun. The only time I’ve ever gone bowling before was when I was in 3rd grade, and I was never that good. So I didn’t do any better, I only bowled 3 times, no strikes. I did hit 9 pins on the last one though. I stopped, because I was kinda tired. We were staying there until 2:00 AM, because this is one of those party nights there. There were some people smoking, and lots of people drinking alcohol from the bar there. It kind of made me nauseous sometime. I just hate that mixture of yucky stuff. I went to the arcade where there were less people, and everything was overpriced. Like some games were 75 cents or a dollar, and they weren’t even great. Plus the snacks in the vending machine were all a dollar each. At school, it usually costs half of that, or even less. It was so stupid. I did go back several times to check on them. My bro was a real trooper and bowled a lot. Most times he hit the gutter, but there were moments like where he hit 2 strikes. My aunt’s coworkers were really great bowlers. I mean they like almost hit strikes many times, or at least got the majority of the pins. There was this guy, and he was like perfect with almost every one, except maybe not hitting 1 or 2 pins sometimes. I compared other bowlers near us, and I would have to say we had the best bowlers. It was just all for fun, not like a contest or anything. So it’s 2 AM, so my aunt takes us to one of her coworkers house to sleep at, for the night. He had a really fancy house. The landscape was really cool, and the interior was full of expensive stuff. I loved his room. He had his own private bathroom (he lives with his parents), back-lit wall eaves, sleek furniture, and a neat desk set-up. He had this gigantic Dell TV monitor, a Dell computer, an Xbox 360, and tons of other pieces to compliment the system. I wish I could have taken a picture of it, it’s really cool. But it was late, and my aunt insisted we sleep. So we set ourselves to sleep on the living room floor. But I couldn’t sleep. I’m not much of a sleeper at night. So for like 1/2 an hour, I just sat there. Ricky (I think his name was) was awake the whole time, I could tell because of the flicker of his TV screen along the floor. So I decided to just tell him that I couldn’t sleep. He was playing Madden 2004, and he said I could sit on his bed. He was playing on Xbox Live with this guy, who obviously wasn’t a great player. Ricky’s real cool, he’s a pro at games, and pretty much everything else. So he knew what he was doing. He’s 29 by the way. So I watch some more, then he asks if I want to see Night at the Museum. I say sure, and he pops it in, and said that I could watch, while he went to sleep. And if I got tired, I could sleep on the other side of the big bed. So I watched. I also watch Employee of the Month, and part of Children of Men. But I got tired, and went to sleep. I loved playing with the Xbox 360. It’s awesome. In a way, I think it’s even better than the Wii or the PS3. It just offers a whole lot, at a not so expensive price. The games they offer is cool, Xbox Live is cool, Media Center connection is cool, virtuall the whole thing is cool. They’re even coming with a new black version called the Xbox 360 Elite, which will be somewhat more improved. But I don’t have one, and really want one. I’m not much of a gamer though, I’m more of a person that watches other people play games. But it does other stuff besides games too, so that’s cool. That’s pretty much how the night went. I’ll have another post about Saturday.


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