Last day of March

So much has happened in March. It’s been a great month. I’ve got to spend some more time with my friends, and have gotten to learn a lot about them. It’s so cool. Sorry I haven’t been updating much. I’m just so swamped with work. Anyways, the end of March has been pretty good. That’s all I have to say. Oh, plus I really want that new Xbox 360, you know, the Xbox 360 Elite. I don’t think black will look to ugly on the Xbox 360. I’m not sure which looks worse, a matte black or a shiny plastic black? Either ways, it doesn’t seem that bad to me. The 120 GB HDD seems cool to me, I don’t think any of the other consoles have that much. I don’t have an HDTV or anything, so I guess the built-in HDMI cord outlet doesn’t seem to do much for me. But I never owned an Xbox 360 before, and it doesn’t hurt to get the latest one. I think (I’m not sure) that there will be less fan noise. I don’t even notice it much on the regular one, so maybe this will be even better. I don’t really care much about built-in HD-DVD or BluRay drive. I’ll wait until one of them hits the top to care. At least without including it, you’re not stuck with a possible useless future format, or a even more expensive Xbox 360.  Either ways, I still want it.

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