Ancient West artifacts sent to Dallas for auction?

I saw this in the Houston Chronicle today. Some stupid mayor in Harrisburg, PA for over 25 years, has bought lots of the Old West artifacts and has kept them in his offices and a warehouse, in hopes of building and Old West Museum one day. How stupid can you be? First of all, Harrisburg, wasn’t even the start of the old west. It has nothing to do with the area’s history. He claims that Harrisburg was a "supply point and river-crossing point" for people starting out on the old west. Yeah right. You can’t change history dude. If anywhere was the gateway to the West, it would probaly be St. Louis. Reason why they are called the Gateway to the West. But you’re going to go out and claim that Harrisburg was the start of the West. And buy tons of artifacts just to prove it. That’s a big waste on taxpayer’s money. A 400-page inventory of artifacts indicates that he spent $7.8 million from this fund since 1999, almost all of it on Old West items. Wow. This was all just part of the 5 museums he planned on building to place Harrisburg in a postion for the region’s tourism. I mean aren’t there other problems to solve, before you start spending on pricey museums for your city? The only reason why he gave up the idea, right now, is because the mayor announced late last year that Harrisburg was in the red, in part because of the flawed incinerator plant overseen by the authority that financed his Old West vision. Wow. And he really had some good artifacts. Like: The gates to the O.K. Corral. A wanted poster for Jesse James. A painting shot through by Calamity Jane. Saddles and tintypes, hats and moccasins, knives and horse buggies. A stuffed buffalo. A coat owned by Doc Holliday. That’s just some of it. I bet this would have been some spectacular museum. But not it’s going to be in auction in Dallas, where a bunch of fancy rich private collectors are just going to pay a lot of cash for it, and will only show it to their other fancy rich friends, and the public will never be able to see this for a long time. It’s really sad that a bunch of good things is going to be in the hands of private collectors who will never show it to the world. I don’t see why they couldn’t just give it to St. Louis, and made a deal with them, so that St. Louis could pay some amounts every year to keep it. It’s just plain sad.

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