The weirdest thing that happened today…

It was D-Lunch. I went over to my friend, Peter, just to chat with him. So I notice that he some Palm PDA (they still make those? And aren’t those for geeks?) and I talk to him about why would he have a PDA, and then he asks if that’s my cell phone on the ground. So I look down, and there’s my blue Sanyo Katana (I got it since last week 🙂 I’ll talk about it more later). Or at least I thought it was. I was kind of surprised it was on the ground. So I picked it up, and tossed it back in my pocket, and we chat for a minute or so, when Candace comes, and uh, removes her backpack from under my chair. I felt guilty for sitting in her spot, but she let it pass. We’re not great friends or anything, but it’s more like passive. I secretly think she doesn’t like me. So I chat a wee bit more, and then I leave. So time goes by, and then it’s right when 6th period ends. So I’m walking towards the parking lot. My friend couldn’t drive me home today, so I call my home, and see if my mom can pick me up. The first thing I notice is that there’s a background pic on it. Of 2 girls posing in a picture. I’m going, what? And it said that I missed some calls, from people I’ve never heard of. And why did my phone look kind of beat up? It had scratches, and more smudges than usual. It was really weird seeing my phone like this. So I’m thinking, rats, somebody must have hacked into my phone. How did somebody do this? So I disregard that stuff for a moment, and call home. Nobody picks up. I try again, and my dad picks up. He verifies that mom will pick me up, but asks why I left my blue Katana back at home. I said, "It’s right here with me. What are you talking about?" Then it struck me. This isn’t my phone. It’s someone elses. Whoops. So I just go on, and finish my call. Then I looked up at the contacts (there were lots, like 30) most area codes hitting this area, one was in Alabama, and another was like in Huntsville. That was pretty strange. I was trying to gather up clues as to who it was. So I looked over the pictures, and there weren’t many that seemed helpful. So I close the Katana, and that’s when I see the user name on the small LCD screen. Candace. At first, I didn’t connect that with Candace from D-Lunch. We’re like on opposite sides of the world. She’s like a junior and in choir, while I’m just a freshman, and not in choir. And we’re definitely not good friends. So connecting her to the phone was farthest from my mind. So I just turn it into the office, and the lady there says that was awfully kind of me, and all that stuff, and it made me feel good. It’s not like I needed another phone, or was going to steal one. Especially when her mom called on the phone, while I was trying to gather clues on it. She just left a voicemail, and never talked to me (That was good, wasn’t looking forwards to talking to her; had to press the talk button, to answer the call, since it was already opened). So I turned it in, and went outside to talk with some friends. It’s when we were talking about the cellphone mystery, that it connected. Candace, phone, backpack, lunch, all that stuff clicked. Now I knew who it was. But it was too late. That’s about it. Okay, maybe this story was kind of stupid, but it’s still interesting about cases of mistaken identity. I’ll talk to Candy about this tomorrow I guess.

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