Friday the 13th – not that much bad luck

Today, there was some bad luck, but not so much. Here’s a list of anything that at all seemed bad today:
  • I woke up late. Had to drive to school.
  • Geometry test was kinda hard.
  • Geography quiz was kinda tricky. Plus, my friend, Michael Morris, wasn’t here today.
  • Health class was boring, as usual
  • Had a tricky/hard Biology test. It’s different than what we usually do. We got to work in groups of 3 (she randomly picked names out of a cup), and we either got a vertebrae test or an invertebrae test. There was this chart where you had to fill in the spaces using the column & rows of categories/group, and the word bank she gave us. It was really hard to guess which one goes where. She did go around and help a bit though, and we all got 2 freebie spaces. We got the invertebrae test, and I think it was more hard than the vertebrae test. Oh, and we also got a packet of like 28 pages to do this weekened. Wee.
  • Not bad luck – Lunch was surprisingly good. Got to hang out with my friend Eric and Josh, and got to chat with them. Usually they’re too busy.
  • Got Spanish homework – usually we never get Spanish homework, and usually Spanish is easy for me, but the work book pages seem surprisingly hard this time.
  • English was surprisngly easy. We got 2 quizzes, 1 quiz was slightly tricky, and we sat there doing nothing, while the people who weren’t here yesterday (on a UIL band thingy) did their writing SFA’s. No homework.
  • My mom and my aunt went somewhere, and didn’t return in time to take me to the movies. It was either a showing at 4:35 PM and the next would be around 7:30 PM. They missed the first one, and my family would be going to dinner during the 2nd one
  • Not exactly bad luck, but there were rainy dark clouds today, which could be a sign of more bad luck.

That’s about it. Have you had any bad luck this Friday the 13th?


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