My aunt from California is visiting!

My aunt from California is staying with us until Sunday. She arrived here on Thursday, and I got to see her right after school. She still look the same I guess (haven’t seen her since like 1999). We talked, and chatted about how life is going on right now. She gave me a deck of cards, that had some of America’s nation parks on it. She pointed out a few cards to places where she has been to. Like California, Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, D.C., even Mexico. She usually works as some computer person in San Jose (a.k.a. Silicon Valley), just right outside San Francisco. She says that Google is just like 5 minutes from her house, Yahoo! is like 9 minutes, HP is like 20 minutes, and a bunch of other tech companies are nearby. I wasn’t even aware of this when I visited California in 99′. So we talked about maybe me going there this summer, and my small fear of heights (going on an airplane to California kinda scares me – never been on a plane before). Later, some more family came over to have dinner, and I got to see one of her daughters, Tammy. She looks very different. She’s like 25 I think, has blonde highlights, and just overall looks so different. Her other daughter, Kimmy, goes to UCLA. My aunt said she would take me to the movies today, but we didn’t have time to. My family went to dinner at some restaurant with her (I didn’t go). We want to see Perfect Stranger. I thought, based on the commercials, it would seem good, but I’ve seen some bad reviews, in my newspaper and the internet about it. Is it really that bad? It looked cool to me. I’m into the mystery thing, and finding out if that guy did something, or how he did it. And it seems very suspenseful. Well regardless of these negative reviews, I’ll still see it. Critics always say stuff about films, and it’s not always true. I’m also hoping to go to the mall too. Well that’s about it.

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