Perfect Stranger – was just ok, not too bad, but not too good

I saw Perfect Stranger with my aunt and my brother yesterday. It was a cold day. It was too bad that I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt, just like my brother did. My aunt, however wore a jacket, which was pretty smart. So we bought the tickets, and went in. We got to theater 11, and sat and watched movie trailers + ads for another 20 mintues. The original time the ticket said the movie would start was 4:35 PM, however the feature film actually came around 4:50 – 4:55 PM. Liars. Now anything beyond this point is a SPOILER. If you don’t want to know the ending, don’t read it. So it starts out with her trying to denounce a gay republican guy running for senator. He’s against gay issues, yet he’s gay himself. Weird. So later she’s celebrating her story that would appear in the newspaper, when she gets a call that they can’t do it. It seems he paid somebody at the newspaper not to do it. So much for freedom of the press. So she’s real angry, and wants to get the newspaper place quick. She goes to the subway, and meets a old friend/neighbor of hers. She’s got some inside scoop to something and the reporter lady is slightly interested and scared by that friend. One week later, that friend is dead. She died a horrible murder. The reporter thinks it has to do with Harrison Hill, a CEO of a large advertising company. He’s been known to have some dealings with other women, besides his wife. So she gets her friend Miles, a computer IT whiz, to get her a job, by hacking into their servers (her newspaper boss made her take a couple of weeks off to relax). She’s in, and gets a job. So she works there, and investigates the place. Whenever she’s talking around with Harrison, she manages to be a good liar, and appeal to him also. At the same time, she has this IOL account (AOL in real life, ha ha) and she chats to Harrison Ford, and pretends to be this whole other sexy lady. Miles, being a computer whiz, likes to drop in his own lines for her which makes her real angry when he does that. But later, we get to know that Miles is the guy behind the person who she is talking to. In other words, Miles is Harrison Ford (on the computer account). When the reporter stops by when he isn’t there, she notices this hidden room in the bathroom. In there she finds pictures of nude women. He’s even got a statue like things with her face on it, like she’s an idol or something. Lots of her pictures. It’s really creepy. She sees some computers and one has a slideshow of her friend Grace and Miles, having sex and oh so many things. It’s really creepy that Miles has this. Then she notices on another monitor that has "Harrison Ford’s" account open. She knows the truth. At least part of the truth. It’s too bad though that Miles stops in and sees her. They try talking to each other but they end up arguing. Miles gives her a laptop which has some proof that Harrison had access to belladonna, which was used to kill Grace. She runs out. Later, she manages to set up a fake location to meet Harrison, by her IOL account. Harrison is there, and so are the police. There’s a court trial, and he’s convicted of the murder. So later, we see the reporter in the bathroom, next to her mirror. She open’s up a false bottom on the can, and pulls out a mini bottle of belladonna. Miles catches her doing that. He says he’s figured it all out. The reporter had a bad childhood, with her awful father. One day, she and her mom accidently killed her dad, who was being naughty again, and they buried him at night. Grace is at the window of her house and sees this. She knows. So all these years, she’s been blackmailing the reporter to do stuff for her. But the reporter loses it and kills Grace. Then she decides to pin it all on Harrison Ford. She tricked Miles into letting her into the place, to drop off false evidence, to get him to do things that would seem suspicious, which would all help convict Harrison in the end. Miles figured out many things during the whole time, and finally puts it together. So he kind of gives her a threat, and that he would tell unless she did some "stuff" with him. Big mistake. She jabs a knife in him. He’s dead, and she overturns her kitchen into a big messy scene. She drops the bottle of belladonna in his pocket, and calls 911, and says that she think they’ve convicted the wrong guy. Smooth. Very smooth. Except for one thing. There was a guy across the street, in another building who saw the whole thing in his window. Deja vu all over again. It was pretty scary and surprising. There were many things that I wasn’t so interested into, the many swear words, nudity scenes, and a whole lot of other yucky elements. I did like the twist in the plot though. I would never have expected it. Gosh, was she a good liar. She managed to get away with 3 murders as it seems. And it seemed like everybody in the film has secrets, bad secrets. They should have called the movie "Dirty Secrets" or "Perfect Secrets" or "Perfect Liar" or something better. I already saw bad reviews, and I can see where those people thought the movie failed. I would say it’s an ok film to watch. If you don’t mind many creepy scenes, swear words, and long dialogues, then I say go for it. It’s not for everybody though.

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