TAKS week – sigh

This is TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) week. A whole week of standarized testing. Today, as of Monday, there isn’t any tests. But for the next 4 days there are. Me, being a 9th grader, I don’t have any until just Thursday and Friday. Just 2 tests, Math (Algerbra) and Science (IPC). I’m not too worried about the Science Taks on Friday, but I’m kinda worried about the Math Taks on Thursday. I’ve been getting some pretty yucky grades on some of the review sheets we’ve been doing. It’s partly because my teacher just gives it to us, and expects us to do them ourselves, while she’s grading papers. She doesn’t even go over anything towards the class anymore. If you just need help, then yeah, you can come up to her and ask for help with a question. But I wish she would go over the basics on these sheets every day, instead of just tossing them at us. Tomorrow and Wednesday, 10th and 11th graders are having TAKS test, of things I don’t know. I get to miss 3rd and 5th period on Tuesday, and 1st and 6th period on Wednesday. They haven’t given our room numbers yet, which kinda is making me angry. I mean shouldn’t we know ahead in advance where we go. They should be prepared to give out info. as soon as they can, but they’re waiting until the last minute to put everything together. It makes students as a whole, less informed, and less ready to do these things. So it’s going to be all TAKS this week. 12th graders have no TAKS. Yippee. That’s about it. That’s all I have to say about anything regarding TAKS this week.

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