Update to my life – not going to the prom :(

I know it’s been a long time, since I’ve wrote, but I’ve just been too tired to write. So here’s how my life has been so far. I took the TAKS tests last week. My math (algerbra) TAKS was as easy as pie. The science (IPC) CBA was hard. It wasn’t really a TAKS test (called CBA for a reason) so it wasn’t really as polished as one. The pages seem thrown together, and we even had an extra paper telling us some of the typos in the booklet. Not a good sign. I did get a grade on that, and my all I know is that my teacher said it was passing, enough to let me exempt one of my finals. I didn’t press for the grade though, many students had similiar grades or worse. Then there was a history CBA. This one was unannounced, so we were all unprepared for this one. It was told at the last moment, while we were in the testing room. Some kids complained that they didn’t take social studies this year. The test administrators said just try your best, it shouldn’t affect your grades at all. It was pretty easy. That’s about it. On the weekend, I did tons of stuff. I went to the Grand Prix of Houston, was serving water to the bikers at the MS 150 bike race thing, and went to this Galveston Beach festival thing on Saturday. On Sunday, I went to the Earth Day parade (lots of treehuggers, who were actually hugging trees), iFest (International Festival, spotlight this year was China), and went to a picnic. Yep, that’s probaly the most busiest weekend I’ve ever had. So school’s been normal, there’s been talk about the prom.  I really want to go to the prom. I have tons of friends that are seniors, and I just wish for one night, I could just hang with them and have some fun. You know, before they graduate and I’ll never see many of them again. But I’m a freshman, and if you’re not a senior, you have to have a senior invite you (as a date) in order to be allowed. Plus you have to pay extra for Project Prom, which is an after the Prom thing, where you stay at school the whole night, and just have tons of fun with these thigns they’ll set up. It should be really cool. So I went around looking for some friends to take me, and then I happened to know that this girl name Jessica has a crush on me (or she claims to) so I asked her, and she said yes. She gave me her number, and we would make some plans later. But when I called her after-school, she said that she’s been in trouble lately, and couldn’t go. Which in turn means I can’t go. Great. That really hurt my heart. I have no idea how to get into the prom now. I’m not sure that many seniors would want to bring a freshman to the prom. I would do anything to go. It’s just not fair. Many of my friends are going to be at an event of a lifetime, and I’ll be stuck at home. I really had hope when Jessica said she would go with me, but it’s over now. Sigh. I guess I’ll keep trying. I might have to sneak in somehow. I just have to find a way to get in.

3 responses to “Update to my life – not going to the prom :(

  1. TAKS? I\’m assuming those are the state testing tests, in California we call the STAR. It\’s so weird to hear of other states\’ names.

  2. Lol. Yep, TAKS is our state testing tests. I didn\’t know California tests were called STAR. I\’ll look that up. Thanks for the tidbit.

  3. Yep, we just finished our STAR testing last week. But up come up AP Testing now, and today I had my SAT II\’s…life is barely begining for you, I wish I was a Freshman again…

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