3 possible ways of getting into the prom without a senior

If you’re not a senior like I am, and you can’t manage to find a senior date, then you’re next best option is to come without one. How? Well I found 3 possible ways of doing so, and they include risks:
1. Get permission from a senior (of your sex) to use his/her name to sign-in, if the senior will not go to the prom. That way, you’re considered a senior, and you can get in.
– Pros = You will pay the senior price (not the ridiculous non-senior price) and you can walk right in.
– Cons = You should at least be able to look like a senior, and it would be pretty hard to find a senior that isn’t going to the prom.
2. Get a senior (of the opposite sex, to look like a date) that is not coming to the prom, to come to the sign-in table and both of you purchase tickets there. Since the senior is not going (and probaly doesn’t want to pay a useless ticket either) you’ll have to buy your own tickets and that person’s tickets. You have your tickets, plus the other senior’s tickets (because the senior didn’t want to go) and you get admittance because you were with a senior to sign-in.
– Pros = You get admitted, and you have extra tickets without having to have a prom date.
– Cons = Pretty expensive considering ticket prices, and paying for an extra ticket that won’t be used, no guarantee that it will work.
3. Tell your senior friends (why else would you go to the prom if you didn’t have senior friends?) that you bought you date’s ticket yesterday, but didn’t have enough cash for yourself. Today, you do have enough cash, but you have to go somewhere in a hurry, and you ask them if they could register in for you, and sign you in along with their names.
– Pros = You look like you have a date, your friends would love to help out a freshman when they can, and you get admitted to the prom
– Cons = Can you trust this senior with your $95 in cash to buy your prom tickets? Or will they tell you why can’t you do it some other time, or have your date sign-in with your money.
All of these options are designed so that you can be admitted to the prom, and look like you’ll have a date. That is until the last second that is. I don’t like decieving my friends about me having a date or not, but you have to do what you have to do, to get in the prom, if you’re not a senior. Out of these 3, Option #3 would be the best, and Option #1 is the worst. For people like me, I really want to go to the prom because of all my senior friends that will be there, having fun before the end of the year comes, and we all move on, and just celebrating the end of the school year with the people you know and love. I have a ton of senior friends, and they count on me being there, because I told them I would be there with a date (who unfortunately cancelled before we got tickets) and if I’m not there, I would look like a loser, and be the laughingstock. Then there are some people that I just want to surprise. This senior, who I guess you can say is a ‘player’, is kind of jealous that he didn’t go the prom when he was a freshman. I would love to at least know that I could do something better than he could (even though he’s a friend of mine), but if I’m not there, then I lose that too. I lose everything if I don’t go. It’s hard to find a senior that isn’t availiable. Seniors have been planning this for months. My mistake was planning this for a few weeks. Nobody seems to be availiable and I’ll be stuck not going, and just suffering from depression and resentment for a long time. I hope these suggestions have helped you. I didn’t try any of them, because I could find the oppurtunity with seniors willing to do so.

One response to “3 possible ways of getting into the prom without a senior

  1. Awww…I\’m sorry she cancelled. I\’m a Junior, and in our school we have the option to go if we want to. I don\’t think I\’ll be going though because we\’re running a school play and the date is really close to the first showing…

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