I’ve been putting videos on the internet lately

I’ve been putting videos on the internet lately. I have videos on YouTube and MSN Soapbox. They’re pretty much all both the same accounts, except I’ve added some extra videos to Soapbox, because the content they have on there kind of sucks, and could use more videos, which is where I come in. I’ve been using the two more frequently now, and I kind of noticed something. To me, Soapbox is way better than YouTube. The quality of the videos on there is way better. I even tested this by using 2 internet browsers side-by-side one with a YouTube copy of my video, and the other with my Soapbox copy of my video. Ran them at the same time, and Soapbox looks way better. I also like Soapbox simplistic UI, and how it’s easy to manuever around things. Of course, there are some thing that I don’t like, like limited amounts of tags you can add on (only 5), it’s still in beta (a now closed beta), and the categories you have to pick from are very limited. But overall, it’s still better than YouTube. I just wish it can come out faster, and people will truly get to see how Soapbox is way better than YouTube right now. Here’s a YouTube version of my video, and a Soapbox version of my video. You decide which is better. If you want to see more,  go here : http://www.youtube.com/my_videos or here: http://soapbox.msn.com/video.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0
and here are the videos:

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