Today was Mother’s Day – Here’s what happened

I woke up around 9:30 today. I tried to stay up the whole night, but lost myself around 4 AM reading a Supermystery book. So about an hour later, we’re going to the Woodlands, an upscale masterplanned community north of Houston, to eat brunch and shop. But first, we had to drive to my grandma’s house to pick up my sister, who planned the reservations at the restaurant. She kept on making us hurry to get there so our reservations didn’t get canceled or whatever. She pretty much did backseat driving. So we drove probaly for like 45 minutes to an hour to get there. We finally arrive at Market Street and park. It’s a really cool place. It looks so much like a real town. In the middle of it, there’s this park green, with a splash ground, and some musicians playing. And there’s this cool retro looking movie theater, and the building are all shaped to resemble a typical town center, with a bunch of well known commercial brands in them. The whole place seemed kind of the town setting you see in Ghost Whisperer, where she lives in Granville, whereever that is. Well anyways, on one end of the park green, there’s this restaruant called Jaspers. It’s a really sleek upscale restaurant. You could see the stained-concrete floors, teak outdoor furniture, lots of glass, lots of shiny silver objects, and the crew wearing refined black. They even had flatscreen TV’s over the urinals in the restroom. The whole place was really cool looking. So we were shown outside, and picked some stuff from the menu. The stuff on there looked too fancy for me. I just ordered some chicken strips + fries and a lemonade. It took like an hour (really, literally) for my food to come, plus my brothers. My parents, my sister and her date (Alex, who’s been tagging along with the whole family lately), had their orders served like 20 minutes before ours even came. But when it came, man did it look so good. And it tasted so good too. I also sampled some of the other plates we recieved. That was some pretty good stuff. It was nice sitting outside. There were no smokers (oh yeah, that’s how eating outdoors should be), and with the fans over on the patio ceiling, it really felt nice outside. You could see other pedestrians walking around the park green, and it just felt kind of bliss. They really had some good food (at least to me it was), but the service and quikness could use some more work. I would have given it 3 stars (out of 5). The restaurants still looks cool though. So we finished up, walked around and window shopped along Market Street. Then we went back to our cars to go to the Woodlands Mall. We got there, and the scenery along the way was kinda nice. But when I stepped into the mall, it seemed so-so to me. I mean compared to the other malls I’ve seen around Houston and elsewhere, the Woodlands mall is ok. It looked very similiar to the Millenia Mall in Orlando, FL. Except less stark, sleek, modern, you know, that stuff. But it was still neat. It had a lot of the big brands you would find like in the Houston Galleria. The cool thing about this mall was that it was elevated. When we walked from the parking lot, into the mall, we were already on the top floor, somehow. It seems that there was a bottom floor below ground level. But it was also weird that when you were downstairs, you could walk to doors that lead back to the parking lot, which we came to from the top floor of the mall. Weird, right? Hard to explain, but cool elevated concept. Kind of confusing though. While I was at the mall, I also was kinda on a mission. My friends b-day is on May 24, and I really wanted to get him something nice. Now I know friends are okay with anything you get them, but I’m the kind of person that really wants to outdo myself when it comes to friends (or the people I love). Eric (b-day boy) loves basketball. He seemed okay with anything basketball related. The problem is, what basketball thing should I get him? B-ball shoes were out of the question. Jerseys? He probaly had many (like any other teen). B-ball equipment? I could only thing of a basketball, but there was no way that I was lugging that to school. I thought about stopping by the Toyota Center to see if they had a gift shop with something good, but my parents weren’t willing to do that. I know I should be caring more about my mom on Mother’s Day, but what else was there? We already had brunch. There wasn’t much else to do but look around. So I decided to get him a gift card. He has a PS3, but I wasn’t too interested in buy expensive games for that (plus I’m not too much of a fan of the PS3). So clothes, maybe? So in the end, I got him an American Eagle outfitter’s gift card. Up to $25. Considering that the store had lots of apparel worth more than $25, it didn’t seem too much. But at least it would help pay a good sum of it, if he wanted to buy something there. I don’t know if he’s the kind of person that would shop there. He pretty much dresses low-key. None of that preppy style. But if he ever wants to shop there, there’s at least something he could use. So I got a green card (gift card) and green envelope and went on my way. I was still wondering if I could get anything b-ball related, but we had to go home. It was already around 3 by then. So we left. Sis went with Alex somewhere. We got home. Mom, Alan, and Andrew get out, Dad and me stay in the van to go get some glasses fixed, and get me a hair cut. We got the glasses adjusted at the mall (didn’t know they do that for free) and I went to the Hallmark store to buy a b-day card. Couldn’t find any b-ball related ones though. So I just picked up a Garfield funny b-day card. Paid around $4 for it. I already spent $29 for his b-day stuff. Wasn’t going to spend any more. So I go get a haircut (I prefer my hair short, but it keeps growing too fast) and stopped by a gas station to get some Monster Energy. Eric’s brother, Jonathan, sometimes drinks Monster Energy in geography class, so I bought one at Kroger’s before, and gave it a taste. It was really sweet. REALLY, REALLY sweet. It tasted like sugar and a little water, or something like that. But the more you drank it, it wasn’t that bad. Plus it gives you some key vitamins, and gives you an energy boost. Don’t see any harm in that. So I bought another one today. I’ll drink it at school tomorrow morning. It might help. Well that’s about it. Been a long time since I updated. That’s how my life is so far. I’ll try to post some more soon.

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