2 more days of school left.

Here’s an overview of Monday and Tuesday of the last week of school this year.
Monday: I got a scary warning during 1st period, that I might not be able to exempt something. I had to go to the attendance office. Mrs. Simpson told me it was about exempting biology last semester. The rule is that if you exempt something in one semester, you can’t exempt it the next semester. The thing is, was that I did exempt biology last semester, but I still took the test. The question is, was did my bio teacher count it, or not? She gave me a slip of paper for my bio teacher to sign, to verify that she did. Or else I would end up doing my bio final, and exempt something else. I couldn’t do my bio final this late. You tell me 1 day, before finals begin? I have no book, haven’t done any of the long study guides, and review sheet, and you’re telling me this now? I couldn’t believe it. I was worried up all the way to 4th period. But I got it! She signed it, and it was over. So I just wandered about during class, while some people worked on studying, playing cards, or doing a cat disection. It was a good 4th period. Before, we did nothing in geography (2nd period). She gave us the final answers to the review sheet, and we just talked and listened to our music. That’s it. In health, we were watching Happy Feet. I really don’t like those type of cartoons, that are animated in that style. You know, the one similar to that of Shrek, Madagascar, Nemo, that stuff. It’s just not me. Plus, it’s just not realistic. Then there was lunch. I met up with my friends for the last time. It was so sad. Then, before lunch ended, I waited outside, in this nook behind the doorway, outside, and I was going to cream Kyle with this confetti egg (that I was originally going to beam on Eric, but he refused). The bell rang, he came out, and I caught him. "Gotcha" I said as I beaned him one. It was funny. I only had 2 eggs left. I originally had 3, one for my senior friend Eric, and one for my senior friend Michael, and just an extra one. Unfortunately, Michael never came, and Eric didn’t know what it was at 1st when I was going to throw him one, so they were wasted. It made me wish I did it Friday instead. Then 5th period came. We finished up on the Spanish review sheets, and just relaxed. In 6th period English, we just played. I chatted with several people, and Mrs. Pruitt and some others were playing Scrabble, some were playing cards, and doing whatever. I took a lot of pictures that day. It was a great day, but it was our last. I’ll certainly miss this year.
Tuesday: I had the whole day off. For the next 3 days, there will be 2 finals (for each day) and that will only take up 1/2 of the school day. So school will be pretty much over at 11:30 everyday, with no lunch. Today was 1st and 6th period (which I exempted both Geometry and English for) so I didn’t have to come at all. Yay. I had a free day, and just relaxed. But I’ll have to start studying soon, for my Health final tomorrow. That’s about it.

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