Today is Wednesday : Health final today

Wednesday: I woke up, studied real quik, and went to school. There weren’t many people here today (surprise, surprise!). So I just wandered around. I didn’t see many friends today. So I went to Health class. I pretty much knew the material by now. It only seemed that 1/2 the class was taking the final. Unfortunately, some of them never recieved the review packet on Friday, and didn’t bother listening to her ask if everybody had it, Monday. Too bad for them. Plus, some came without a pencil today, which was kinda sad. But she finally came 5 minutes later after the bell, and we started taking it. The review was exactly the test (no surprise there). Everything on the review, was on the test, so it was pretty easy to go through. It had 100 questions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t identify many of the drugs in the end (last 8 questions), and tell the difference between hallucinogens, inhalants, ecstasy, narcotics, or whatever like that. They all seemed so similar to me, and I don’t do drugs so I wouldn’t get it. Plus, they weren’t on the review sheets. But otherwise than that, I thought I did well. Well, we watched "Happy Feet" while she graded the scantrons, and she said that many of us failed. That was a shocker. She didn’t get time to tell us, because the bell rang, but I thought I did well. It will be on the report card anyways. So after that, I got scoop about my geography and spanish test tomorrow. People said it was easy. But I’m still going to study. Especially the maps on the geography one. So my dad picked me up, and I chilled at home for awhile. My mom taught me how to properly make grilled cheese sandwiches, so I didn’t have to rely on her all the time. Then my sister came around noon to take my mom to see houses, to see what features and stuff we want in our new house, or whatever. So we went all the way to Sugar Land, and we visit the master planned community of Telfair. I’ve never been to a mastered-planned community before. So I was really impressed when I saw it. So there was this whole block of model homes, and wow, did they look awesome. They were so fancy and stuff. I took lots of pictures. My favorite was this house by Darling. Well, it was probaly my fav. because it was actually the only one I got to see fully furnished, plus there was a yummy plate of cookies on the kitchen counter, and great beverages in the fridge. But the outside looked gorgeous, and the inside had tons of fanciness in it. It was just like my dream house. Well anyways, we took a long time looking at house, plus ones that were still in construction, then we stopped by Viet Hoa, an asian food market off of Sam Houston Tollway. Then we went to Burger King, and I had fries plus chicken fries. Then we went on to Spring/Cyrpess area to look at even more homes. We saw this nice neighborhood called "Cyrpess Forest Lakes" (no found link) and it was pretty fancy. The lightposts were old fashioned style, intersections had brick-layered crossings, there was this nice lake and fountains, and big houses on 60-75ft. lots. My sister’s friend plans on moving there or something. So we just drove, and I dozed at some point on the way home. So I spent time doing whatever, and now I’m on my computer. That’s about it today. It’s already 11 PM and I still haven’t studied for my geography and spanish exam yet, which I really have to do. That’s about it today. Tomorrow is the last day of school!

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