Yesterday was the last day of school – it was the bomb!

Yesterday, May 24, 2007, was the last day of school here at JVHS. It was a day of fun and sadness. I had two finals that day, a geography and a spanish one. So here’s how it all started, I woke up, got ready for school and went to my bus. The bus driver (she’s real nice) said that the school was banning backpacks today, and she didn’t want us to get in trouble, so she would wait for us to run over and drop them off at home. So me and some others rushed to our houses real quik and dropped them off, and I pulled out anything necessary and portable out of my pack, and dropped them in my pockets. I didn’t even hear about this news until that morning, so it made me angry when I heard that we had to do this. Well I jumped back on the bus, and a few more stops, and more people had to drop off their backpacks. It’s amazing that the school doesn’t do a better job of informing their students about these policies. I understand that bringing a backpack is kinda useless on the last day of school, but it was more easier using a backpack to hold some of my stuff (camera, phone, eggs, whatever) than to hold them or push them into my pockets. It seems like a stupid rule to me. It’s not like someone will bring a gun, knives, explosives, or whatever to school in them, just because it’s the last day of school. There may be a lot of excitement today, but not enough that it would warrant someone to do that stupid kind of stuff. Well anyways, we were late to school (which we never would have been if it wasn’t for that stupid rule), and then we heard something on the bus’s communications radio. It turns out that they just changed the policy at the last minute. It was ok to admit, or for students to bring backpacks to school today. Who knows why, but at the last minute, it was perfectly fine to bring it. All the students groaned, and were angry about the latest development. CFISD really needs to enact their polices/rules better, and do it so that it’s not unfair, stupid, unmentioned, or all of the above. It seemed to start as a bad day already. Well we got there, and it was just morning as usual. I met this girl I liked in the hallway. Her name’s Beth (actually, Elizabeth). We were both heading in opposite directions from the doorway, and she said hi to me. I said hi to her real quik, and just talked a bit, before we went on. Man, do I like her. Well then I got back to geography class too (she’s a sophmore, and she shares geography with me), and was ready to take the final. It was pretty much easy, except for the same stupid usual questions. 200 questions on it. I think I did well, but she never had time to tell us what we got, after she graded the tests. And while we were still taking finals, I asked to go to the restroom, but I sneaked into the cafeteria with my camera instead. Today, was also the Senior Breakfast, where the seniors took one last day (not inc. graduation) to be with each other, eat, have fun, and get their cap and gowns. It was pretty fun there. I managed to snag some OJ, and walk around with my camera. Nobody stopped me. I pretty much am a senior, with me hanging around a lot of them all the time. I took a video of it too, and I might put it on here later (YouTube won’t except my 122 MB video, 100 or less only). Then I went back before she got suspicious. I also remembered that I had little battery power in my camera, which meant it was only useful for a little video, or just a few photos. I left them back in my backpack at home (see what stupid half-baked policies can do?) and I was really irked about that. So I just switched them out with a TV remote in the classroom. I know I already did some naughty things already, but it’s not like anyone is going to be using that remote anytime soon. It’s the last day of school after all. Well, it gave me the juice I needed, and I was grateful for that. I slipped out of class real quick, to go back to the breakfast, but the bell rang while I was in the hallway. Rats. So I got video coverage of the breakfast + other students crossing around and stuff. Great. Now it didn’t look like I was at the breakfast at all. Just a bystander. Well I did still have a Spanish final to go to, so I had to eventually scram. I got there, and had to take the final. 200 questions again. 30 of them were auditory ones. Unfortunately, I didn’t concetrate quite as well (still thinking about the Breakfast!) so I might have missed a lot on that. But the rest of the final was relatively easy. I studied real hard this morning/last night, and it was ok to me. Plus, the test themselves are usually easy, at least to me they are. They could be a lot harder you know. So I tried to go through the test real quik, so that maybe I could convince my Spanish teacher to let me out early, so that I could help my geography teacher with something (and really just go to the Breakfast again, I really want to be there with my friends), but he said he couldn’t without a pass, and even showed me #6 on the finals days guideline sheet for teachers. "Do not allow students to leave class early for any reason, until the alotted time is over" or something like that. Ugh. I love my Spanish teacher, Mr. Kaufmann, but teachers have to follow the rule. So there was like still 45 minutes left. So I waited until 11:05 to ask to go to the restroom, so that maybe I could sneak back into the Breakfast real quik. He just gave me a nurse’s pass, and told me that if I really had to go, I just had to get this signed by her. Ok, whatever. At least I was out of there. Lucky for me, that the Spanish portables weren’t so far away from the cafeteria. And that the nurses office is right next to the opposite side of the cafeteria. So first I went to the nurses’s office. As I passed the cafeteria, the tables were already removed, and seniors were wandering about and I saw a clump standing in line for something at the far end. Well I got to the nurse’s office, and I told her I had a stomachache (I still had the cup of OJ in my hand) and she just gave me some TUMS, and I was out of there. So I mingled again with the seniors. This lady even gave me a popsicle, that they were handing out to all of the senoirs. Man, was I glad to be there! I talked to some of my buds, and even got to see Michael (one of my fav. senoirs) waiting in line. It turns out the line was for getting cap and gowns. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Michael. It made me so glad to be there. We talked, and I even got him to go outside, so I could crack a confetti egg on his head. It was a surprise of course, and he laughed at that, and we got back inside to the line again. So we talked a bit, but I had to go back before my teacher could get suspicious or something. I took a quik video of the setting, unfortunately I moved a bit too swift, so it’s kinda blurry, but it’s at least a memory. As I got to my class, I had to dispose of my popsicle real quik, so I gobbled up most of the rainbow part left, except bit of cherry red, and orange. I got back in. Everybody was done by now almost. I got a 93! Sadly, most people got lower, and yeah, there were C’s and D’s, and even F’s. This is a relatively easy class if you just listen. So we got out of there, and boy was I happy. I met up with Quyen as I was getting back to the cafeteria, and he reported that it was already over. He was right, and by now, most of the seniors have already left. Rats. It was 11:30, and I had to wait until around noon for my dad to pick me up. So I just went around and took a video of people leaving JVHS and stuff. I met up with some friends, and surprisingly I met up with ones I never remembered, and made somewhat new ones. I even scored a purple balloon (from the breakfast of course) from this girl I didn’t know. I must have some charm or something. It was a great day. It was so fun. I got coverage of the Breakfast, plus I did good on my finals. What else could I ask for? So I just waited until my dad came, and I got him to get me some Burger King. I’ll really miss this year at Jersey Village High School, and I hope next year could be as awesome too.

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