Here’s my plans for the summer so far

I plan on:
  • volunteering at the library – hoping to get benifits like extra-credit hours for high school’
  • work out at the gym – want to get a membership and work on my muscles
  • read – I had tons of high school work, so I never had time to read
  • learn how to drive – I want my parents to teach me some of the basics and stuff, at least for the summer
  • going to Schlitterbahn Galveston – I’ve never been there before, but I really want to go. I heard they opened tons of new rides this year. They opened like last year.
  • going to beach – just in Galveston, TX is all
  • catch up with friends – sadly, I really miss school. Only because I can’t see all my friends and stuff. I’ll try to connect this summer.
  • start a new blog – I’m a big fan of a company, and I would like to write and share my thoughts on them. Too bad I already kind of suck at writing. But I really do have some good insight, and want a blog dedicated to them.

That’s about it. That’s my wish list. Most of them seem possible. I really hope this summer is good.


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