I’m back from Italy

Nothing much happened in Italy. I just did my job and had some fun. It was amazing. I’ll certainly be visiting Italy again someday if I can. It was wonderful. I didn’t take any pictures (or at least not ones that I’ll show on here). All I can say is I had fun, and wasn’t all work like I expected.
I’ll try to update some more. I put a new poll asking if I should keep the book list on here or not. It’s mainly where I show what books I’ve been reading (mainly Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, your mystery books really). But it seems to grab too much screen real estate. So I’m wondering does anyone really want the book list on my Live Space? I just wish Live Spaces was more configurable. So vote on my poll, and I’ll decide what to do.
I just wished more people would comment on here so I can at least get the feeling that someone actually reads this stuff, and that the view counts of this page aren’t misleading.

3 responses to “I’m back from Italy

  1. I had a book list too, but I decided to take it down because it was too much of the space. You should try moving up your blog too; it\’s the first thing you want your viewers to see. Oh, and ignore the views when it shows RSS:BLANK, I think those are the search engine bots in search of updates.

  2. Thanks Albert. I\’m glad you told me what you thought. I guess it is time to take the old book list down. I prefer to put my blog at the bottom, because I prefer it to be as wide as it can, so that people can read it easier. But I\’ll try to see if I can configure it somehow better. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Thanks for coming to my channel and your comments- I always appreciate new friends.
    All the best and keep creating.
    joel samuel

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