I’m volunteering at the library

I’m volunteering at the public library this summer. 2 hours each on Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll probaly be shelving books and whatnot. At least this will go into my community volunteer service hours. Which means I’ll get credit for it. At least I don’t think it will be boring.
I got my report card back quite a while ago, and I thought I should share my grades. I took 3 semester finals and I got:
  • Geography – 99
  • Health – 100 (she said lots of us failed!)
  • Spanish – 93 (I even rushed thru this one, so I was kinda surprised)

And here’s my semester grades:

  • Geometry – 89 (really wished it could have bumped to an A. It looks kinda bad for my GPA)
  • Geography – 97
  • Health – 97
  • Biology – 93
  • Spanish – 97
  • English – 91

It’s quite strange that all my elective classes were 97’s. But still great! So that’s about all.

I went to Splashtown Sunday. It’s a waterpark here, near Spring, TX. It was really fun. I bought a season pass (which costed like $64, ouch!) and now I can go the whole summer for free. I even got a booklet of coupons. Splashtown is no longer a part of Six Flags, which is a good thing. Though on my ID card, it has Daffy Duck on it, as Looney Toons are affiliated with SixFlags for some reason. Whatever. I really want to take a friend with me. I don’t really swim much though. I just go there to have fun in the water.

The other day, on Tuesday, I connect with my friend for a few seconds. I’ve wrote 2 letters to him this summer, but he hasn’t replied yet. So I called him, and yes, he answered. He said he was working at summer camp right now, as a counselour (which I already knew before), and that he would call later. He told me that he did get them, but he’s so busy with mine and other letters, and whatever. He said he might call me back that day, but he didn’t. But it still felt good to talk to him. Even for a few seconds. I really missed him.

So that’s about it. That’s how life is going so far.


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