I want to see some movies this weekend!

Some really great movies have came out recently, and I’m dying to see them. So I’ll rank them from highest to lowest of what I want to see:
  1. Nancy Drew – I’m a big mystery fan, and it’s great to see Nancy Drew hit the big screen. Sure, she’s younger in the movie, has some other ‘characters’, and many changes, but at least it’s coming out. I don’t think it’s a chick flick, so I’ll go anyways. It’s just the element of mystery that I’m looking for. Plus, I think Emma Roberts is kinda cute.
  2. Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer – I saw the last Fantastic Four movie, and I thought it was pretty good. I’m hoping this one does too. I’m really wondering how this Silver Surfer can swallow up worlds and that stuff. I haven’t looked much into it. I’ll see it all at the theaters.
  3. Ocean’s 13 – Looks really interesting. Has many A-list movie stars in it. I wonder what the movie will be like. Plus a another made-up casino sounds really interesting. I would love to see their interpretation of one. It seems like fun.
  4. 28 Weeks Later – I just saw some previews, and it looks very interesting. I don’t know much, but it’s pretty much one of those end-of-the-world movies, and it’s set in Washington D.C. and something like that. I just hope it’s could as it sounds.
  5. Live Free or Die Hard (maybe) – I saw the trailers for this one too, and it looked really promising. I love action-intense movies. I just hope there isn’t too much gore to deal with. It’s just I want to see how they escape and stuff.

I’ll try to see all these movies this weekend at the AMC theater. I hope I get what I paid for.


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