Volunteering at the Library – It’s was somewhat hard, somewhat boring

Today was my first day volunteering at the library. It was ok. I woke up kinda late this morning. Actually, I woke up at 7 on the dot. But I get drifting off to sleep. Then I woke at 9:51. I was suppose to be at the library at 10! I got dressed real quik, and got to the library in a jiffy. I didn’t live too far, so I wasn’t that late. Nobody even noticed. The whole day, was pretty much reshelving books, and searching for this one book. Placing back books on the shelves is real easy. Except, the books are still somewhat disorganized, where other volunteers had shifted books to a different spots. So you might have several Arthur books here, and another several somewhere else, or scattered somewhat. And that’s pretty unconvenient for library users, and myself. I’m the kind of person that wants to do a good job. Having several books scattered about is not my way. So I tried my best to group them up a bit better. Plus, one of the librarians told me if I could do that, that would be cool.

I also did videos and DVD’s. Those were easy. There’s not many, and they’re more clearly labeled. Sometimes around noon, a librarian asked if I could locate a book. She couldn’t find it. So I took 20 minutes to glance at the M section in the children’s area. Man, are there tons of M’s. I also grouped several books that were scattered out a bit. But I finally, located it (even after I scanned the M section several times!) and I gave it to her. She was very grateful. She didn’t have to waste 20 minutes. I was just glad to help. I only ran into a few problems today. Not much. It’s pretty much simple work. I didn’t bother taking a break, until I left at 1:00. Then I had to wait several minutes for someone to get me. It was hot outside. I wish there was some cover over the benches outside, and the pesky flies and mosquitoes could go away. But my parents finally came and I went home.

That’s pretty much how volunteering at the library worked. I’ll work there 2 days (Wednesday and Thurs.) a week. 3 hours each day. At one of the Harris County Public Library (HCPL) branches. Oh, and the Comcast (was Time Warner here) astronauts are going to visit tomorrow! It’s at 1:30, and I might stay. I wonder what he’s going to do. Probaly just advertise the Comcast service. That’s about it.


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