I went to Moody Gardens last Saturday


I went to Moody Gardens last Saturday. Time has past since then, but I’ve been busy. So here’s how it went:

It was Saturday morning. My brothers and I got ready, and we left. We went to my sister’s boyfriend’s apartment, and we picked him up. We picked up some McDonald’s breakfast on the go. It was a long drive, but we got there. He was a Shell Oil employee, and the company gave out free tickets or something. Whatever. We got there, and we kind of bumbled around, because Alex, my sister’s boyfriend, wasn’t sure if there was something else we were suppose to do. I also saw my aunt’s coworker and her friends, at the Aquarium Pyramid, and she was surprised to see us (my aunt wasn’t there, just her coworker who I saw before). She spotted us, and talked with my sis a bit about being with (my bros and I) at the Rodeo before. Well, she moved on, and we moved on. We went around the whole Aquarium pyramid. It was pretty neat. I liked it. I’m not a sea fan though, so I wasn’t too interested, but it was pretty neat for what they had. Then we walked to the Rainforest pyramid. It was really big (I think the biggest pyramid) and was my most favorite. There was lots of botanical stuff (and lots of smells too), and it was pretty neat. It was kind of humid though. There were lots of cool plant and trees. Plus there were my birds, and I love birds. I liked the waterfalls, and the little ruin-type looking thingy. For the most part, it was my favorite. Then we went saw a 3D movie. "Adventure’s in Animation 3D". For the most part, I loved it. There were 2 virtual characters with the question: Will virtual actors replace real actors one day? They showed us some cool stuff on how 3D movies are made, with neat animation and stuff. It was really neat. Of course, the other main part of the movie, was a movie within that, about a very skinny boxer, called Slim. He’s a real feisty boxer, and he had to go up against this other boxer, who looked like he could kill. Of course, at the end, Slim wins. I have to say, he was a real trouper, and pretty much indestructible. Then the movie wraps up with the 2 virtual characters going on about 3D movies. It was awesome. I learned a lot.

Then we had lunch. There was this Shell tent outside, and they already had some pre-made lunch thingy going on for Shell employees there. We got our grub, and sat at a table. I had a cheeseburger, potato chips, 1 big chocolate chip cookie, and a Pepsi. It was pretty good, and not nasty. During we ate though, someone kept prank calling me. The first time, I thought someone wanted my sister. My sister was confused when the person didn’t talk with her. I guessed I heard wrong, and it might have been a wrong number. Because I couldn’t recognize it. Then it called a 2nd time, and it was the same person. I had no idea what the person wanted, or I could barely even hear it. At that time, I told my suspicion that it was probably a prank call. So Alex, suggested we call back, and do the same medicine on them. We tried, but they didn’t pick up. But they called again during lunch, and this time, my sister picked it up, and said she was from Domino’s pizza. The girl hung up. We cracked up. I think that was the end of it. After that, my two little bros played on a playground outside. Then we went to see a 4D film, about a dinosaur discovery, and how we were on some helicopter or something. It was amazing. All my senses were tingling. There was sprays when we got wet. There was puffs of air when something alive or moving was near us. There was a yucky onion-y smell when we got close to the T-rex’s mouth. There was even a thing in the chair, the poked you, and scared you a bit, when something was right behind us, or something to scare us. It was kind of short though, only about a 6 minute film. But it was still pretty awesome. Then we went to the Discovery pyramid. It was pretty much a museum in a pyramid. This pyramid was pretty small though. It only had a snack bar, Discovery gift shop, 3D film, and small exhibit space upstairs. The exhibit was all about sounds and music. It was pretty nice. But small. After that, we went to see a dinosaur mini park. It was under a tent, and there were animatronic dinosaurs moving about. With neat info. placecards about each one. It was pretty cool.

That was pretty much the last thing. Then we took the long drive back to Alex’s apartment, and stayed there a bit. Until 10, basically. It was great. A wonderful Saturday.


4 responses to “I went to Moody Gardens last Saturday

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the comments on my pictures of my modeltrains. When I got more time Iwill read more f your blogg. Atleast I can read your\’s. I write mine i Swedish so it will be hard for you to make any thing out of it. But you never know. I could put in a sentence for you too.
    Have a nice day

  2. @N-Scale-train-1:
    I don\’t seem to remember commenting on your photos, but I love your photos. They\’re pretty cool. Yeah, I don\’t know Sweedish, so sorry. Although I do have some Swedish friends. I guess if I can\’t read your Live Spaces, I could at least look at the photos. They\’re pretty good. Tell me, does Windows Live Spaces have a Swedish site?

  3. Yes, There is a Swedish Live Space available http://spaces.live.com/?mkt=sv-se Same thing there everything is written in Swedish. I will buy a new digital camera to day. The once on my space is taken with my mobile phone. So feel free to look back in a day or two to the result of my new camera.
    Bye the way. I live just out side Stockholm with my wife and my four children.

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