It’s the worst summer ever. And I’m so lonely


So far, it’s like the worst summer ever. It wasn’t even this bad last year. Some reasons of why this summer is awful:

  • I’m bored
  • It’s like raining here every day almost, and it never rains during the school year! It’s going to keep raining for a long time 😦
  • I’m lonely. I haven’t seen a friend, since practically the last day of school.
  • I’m not doing anything more useful, than I could be at school (I like to keep myself busy)
  • Did I mention I was bored?

I’ve been to a few places, but not really anywhere important. It’s just do boring. I hate to say this, but while I do have lots of friends, I don’t have lots of ‘close’ friends. Nobody to hang out with, nobody to actually chat to, nobody to tell your secrets and have fun with. Nobody at all. It’s just sad. I do communicate by e-mails, IM’s, and phone calls, but everyone seems to actually be doing something, being somewhere, and just having a life. It hurts to know that I didn’t make one close friend in High School, but I did make lots of friends. Of course, this year, I’ll work on making some real friendships. But until then, all I can hope is that I see someone on the streets.

Meanwhile, it’s raining as I type. I hear the rumbling thunder outside. It’s not like everyday is drenching wet, but there always seems to be lots of rain, or dark clouds. Especially on MSN Weather and on my Weather Channel Desktop app. I’d rather have it during the school year. It barely ever happens during school. Sometimes, if it rains real bad, you don’t have to go out and practice on the field, or do any real exercises out in the hot heat. Most others feel that way too. Plus, if it rains really bad, the lights might go out, and we can get away without doing work. Especially if your room doesn’t touch an outdoor window. It’s like a freebie class. Okay, it sounds lame, but it’s better than hot burning heat. Plus I like the rain. It brings me back to nature, and it feels good. Cool. Wet. It’s nice. But it usually only happens in the early morning (before school), or in the late afternoon (after school). Sigh. It just isn’t fair.

Plus I’m just plain bored. I only seem to be spending time with family or myself. It sucks having no close friends. There’s barely any teens that live in my neighborhood. Or at least any that aren’t well liked by me. Sigh. Plus we’re going to be moving to a new house soon. The general framework is pretty much complete. That’s how I would describe what I last saw. Every time we pass by thorough the neighborhood, I look to see if there’s any kids or teens out. I haven’t seen any. There’s lots of houses already done. The new house is on a long street, and there are some houses already lived in, houses being built, and land waiting to be developed. It’s kind of sad to see land being bought up and developed so fast. I’m kind of a Treehugger, although not like a real one.

Anything that I’m doing that’s actually useful is volunteering at the library. I pretty much shelve books, straighten magazine, and do an errand for a librarian. It’s plain boring. There’s not many teens that go there. That I notice at least. A teen might drop by to get an occasional book, go with their kid brothers and sisters, or just use a public computer. But there’s still not many teens. If any. I work alone. There’s no other volunteers at the same time as me.

Well that’s how life is going so far. If you call it a life. It’s just plain boring and dismal. I’m not exactly anticipating on going back to school, but it probably beats doing nothing fun. At least I get to see my friends again. Well, that’s all for now.


6 responses to “It’s the worst summer ever. And I’m so lonely

  1. Hi Quik boy

    Thanks for the comments on my photos. To answer some of your questions, Yes, the little guy is my youngest son. The lady in red is my wife. We where at some friends and celibrated midsummer. You know the day when the sun don’t go under the horison. It’s a Swedish thing. We play games and dance around a midsummer pole. ( I will put a picture of one on My Space ) I think it has to do with the fact that 5 mounth of the year is dark, rainy and cold.
    Our friends have a summer house in a town called Orebro. Its just next to a small sea. We have to pass throuh several enclosed pasture. And the last day we where there we let the cows come in to the field closesed to the house. My kids loved it, and the cows too. You know have they can behave when they are introduce to fresh and green grass.
    Unfortunately the weather was’nt as good as we hoped. But it was a nice time with some good friends.
    Have good day

  2. @ N-scale-train-1:
    Thanks for taking the time to put up your comment. It must be wonderful to live in Sweeden. I thought it had to do something with the sun, I heard that many Europeans celebrate the sun (or the summer solstice as we call it), and it sounds cool. You must have a good life there.

  3. Read your blog, I am very sad, because I have the feeling was not very good.

    Perhaps soon, you may go back to school, back to friends around, but I, in the rainy season, I left the four years between friends, Because of his own career, we had to separate.
    However, we also want to wipe away tears, for their future efforts.
    Friends go through a process before it will be known already, please do not be sad when you get along again. there are a lot of common experiences more, the more mutual understanding and your cronies have emerged. With a sincere, genuine will harvest. If you persist, refueling, not to be frustrated.
    I hope that in future you will have more exchanges.

    Hope to have the time to contact me .
    (Although my English is poor) ^_^   Happy Everyday.

  4.  Hey QuikBoy…(or BoredBoy, as we\’ll have to call you this summer!) I hear you about the rain! We moved 2 months ago from New Jersey to Texas and I had NO IDEA it would rain so much!!! I\’m getting familiar with my new neighborhood and slowly making friends myself. I\’ve also been spending a lot of time getting ready for the arrival of our son who\’s due this October!
    Maybe you could try emailing some of your friends from school and making some plans to get together. You have to be proactive! If you can\’t find the party, make one of your own! One of the cool things I discovered is a site called, which is a cool way to meet local people and I think even teens in your area. (Of course, make sure you check with your parents before making any plans or anything like that!)
    Good luck in the new home….even though it isnt quite what you thought it would be, think of all the cool things you can do to it to make it what you want it to be!

  5. @LuluGirl896: Thanks for stopping by. You live in Texas too? What city? I\’ll be sure to check out Sounds cool. Thanks for visiting. 

  6. i only wish my summer was just boring….its been terrible so far. i\’ve damaged my knees to the point that ive had to sit at at home for 2 weeks doing nothing. its been raining here for 2 months non-stop. and by boyfriend just broke up with me, and my so called best friend insulted me. yes, this is the worst summer of my life. i feel like the loneliest person to exist, even when there are so many people around me. 😦

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